What To Wear In...West Hollywood

As I become more acquainted with the city in which I've lived my whole life (but have been an absentee resident as of late), I've become smitten with West Hollywood. Known for its old-school music venues on the Sunset Strip, WeHo is also a destination for excellent shopping (Melrose, anyone?), some of the coolest new restaurants in the city, and equally cool bars. 
West Hollywood

The potential WeHo outfits are endless, as there is so much to do and see! But since this is one of the best destinations for the coolest kids in the city, its a good place to flex your fashion muscle. Fun printed pants, colorful pieces, standout accessories, and a stylish pair of booties (that are easy to walk in) is ideal for going from the shops, to dinner, to a concert, to the bars!

Get the look!

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  1. delicious mixing above. can those bird pants fly their way over to my closet? ha.




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