The Room Makeover

After over 10 years of living in the same room and barely changing a thing, my mom and I decided that it was time for a change. Considering I was still sleeping in the same bed that I did as a child, I really wanted some grown up and modern. I have to give most of the credit for this makeover to my mom- her penchant for interior design was clear from the moment she suggested black and white as the color scheme, with yellow accents (so we could keep the drapes, the tiling in my bathroom, and a few other remnants of my childhood room).

My bed: Unfortunately I do not have proper "before" pictures, but you can see my tiny twin size bed frame and the childlike light wood w/ flower design.

My new bed is an actual person size bed, with a tufted white velvet headboard and simple white bedding with black accents.

We kept the small patterned yellow pillow and the yellow drapes from my old room and got these custom Euro shams with a modern yellow and white print (and black trim) made. We repainted the walls gray (after considering printed wallpaper that turned out to be too expensive) to bring out the yellow and tie the black and white together. The modern printed black and white rug was a compromise after not getting the wallpaper- a way to add a cool, fun, grown-up print to the room!

 We got rid of some of the old furniture and refinished a few of the other, more necessary pieces. There wasn't much we could do with this bed-side table (that matched my old bed and shelf unit), so we swapped it out.

The new bedside table is a simple, modern silver and glass piece that neatly fits into the corner next to my bed.

My desk is a built in, and is perfectly large and functional for my current needs. Before we refinished it, I went through my desk and got rid of things that I've had since I was a kid that I definitely don't need anymore (including a lot of these toys and dolls you see). We also refinished my dresser to match my desk- no need to get a new one!

The new desk is a cool white and is much clearer of all of the other crap. Less cluttered and more grown up! I'm still in the processing of rearranging my belongings and figuring out what to put on my shelves (now that they aren't filled with dolls!)

The shelf unit matching my old bed and bedside table is another piece we got rid of in favor of a simple, black unit that looks sleek and modern. 

Finally, the bathroom was pretty easy. We repainted the cabinets black, got new towels, a new rug, some new shelves, and chose a cool metallic gray as an accent!


  1. your room makeover looks great! love your bed and the rug is the perfect touch!

  2. Beautiful! I can totally visualize the changes - your room was lovely before, but now it's gorgeous!

  3. Amazing change! Your new room looks so classy and it is just so beautiful :))


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