The To-Do

Is there a better time to tick a bunch of things off of your to-do list than the summer? The weather is beautiful (at least here in SoCal), the days are longer, and I have a part-time internship that leaves me with plenty of time for doing productive things...if only I could actually get myself to do them *sighhh*. Well that is why I am making a to-do list and publishing it here, so you can all hold me accountable if I haven't done it by the end of summer!

1. Get back in shape. Since I've been home, the positive effects of all the walking I did in London have been eradicated by the hours I've spent sitting in my car in traffic. So, to get back into bikini-shape, I'm hitting the gym and the Pilates studio a few times a week. I'm only one stomach flu away from my goal weight (joking, of course!)

2. Explore LA's great nightlife. With the incredible selection of bars and clubs from one of this country's entertainment capitals, it seems almost criminal that I've barely been to any of them. So I've made it a goal to go out with friends, enjoy some good drinks, and have a good time (poor me, I know). I recently discovered Perch, an amazing rooftop bar downtown (with no cover!) and it has definitely become my new favorite spot. 

3. Go to museums. With the Getty, LACMA, and more, LA is actually a pretty cultured place (not all of us consider Keeping Up With the Kardashians to be high-class culture). Even better, the Getty's annual Saturdays off the 405 free concerts have started again, and I will definitely be checking out Geographer's July show. 

4. Spend more time outside. Considering I am a lucky girl to have a pool in my backyard and a wonderful canyon for hiking up the street, there is no excuse for me to sit inside all day watching TV. Well, except for the intense valley heat. But anyways, I could use the tan. Have you seen how pale I am?

5. Eat. This may seemingly contradict my first goal, but there are so many restaurants I've been meaning to try (Hinoki & The Bird, Trois Mec are just a few). I cannot wait to get my foodie on!


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