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As some of you may have heard, Google Reader will no longer exist as of July 1st- this means that you will have to find some other way to follow my wonderful blog. If I may, I would highly recommend switching to Bloglovin'! This is a GREAT tool for keeping track of all of your favorite blogs in one place (whatever the blogging platform may be). Once you set up an account, you can also get the awesome free app- I'm constantly checking bloglovin' for new posts when I'm out and about and have a free moment. If you're not following a ton of blogs already, bloglovin' can help you find the best ones in whatever category interests you! It's easy to set up an account and use, so you should switch ASAP before your feed disappears! You can follow me here.

To import your blogs from Google Reader, check out this cool tutorial!


  1. i already imported my google reader and you are followed.

  2. I totally agree with a denim vest being a summer must have! By the way- you are absolutely stunning!!


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