Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream: A Review

As a continuation of my search for beauty-beginner-friendly products, I recently tried a sample of the new Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream. Click to check out my full review!
(An Instagram pic of me wearing my CC Cream- I use the "light" shade)

If you have recently jumped on the BB Cream wagon, you may know that the new CC creams are the next generation. However, while BB creams act as an all-in-one skincare, moisturizer, foundation, SPF, and primer step, CC creams are more specifically targeted for color correcting (hence the CC). This means the creams are formulated to smooth the complexion and correct dullness, sallowness, and redness. The Clinique one claims to protect and hydrate the skin while creating a natural glow.
While I've only used it a few times (making it difficult to judge the long-term color correcting effects), so far I really like the product. It gives as much, if not more coverage than the BB Creams I've tried without feeling as heavy as a foundation. Moreover, it really does color correct- it sinks into the skin and blends to my natural color, while doing a decent job of taming the red and irritated parts of my skin.  While sometimes I feel as if my BB cream or foundation are just sitting on top of my skin, this one seems to really blend. I don't even need to wear blush on top because, while covering up the red parts of my skin, adjusts to the natural flush in my cheeks. I really like the dewy finish; it doesn't look oily like some of the BB creams I've tried, and it definitely hydrates better than my BB cream and foundation. For the reasonable price of $35, I could see this becoming my new go-to product!

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