3 Awesome Outfits for 3 Job-Securing Interviews

If, like me, you're still looking for a summer job, chances are you've been planning out what you will be wearing on your various potential interviews. Well, don't sweat it, because I've got you covered. If you're applying for a more conservative position- such as at a bank- then the good ol' suit and simple blouse will do. However, if you're applying to a job in a creative field- fashion, entertainment, etc- then have a bit more fun and dress to impress.

I love this look because its simple, clean, interview appropriate, and very chic. Your potential boss will be impressed by not only your brains, work ethic, and professionalism, but also your glowing sense of confidence. The skirt and blazer are totally professional, while the cool tee and trendy sandals dress down your look for a more creative vibe. A punchy clutch tells your future employer that you have a personality!
Change up the typical suit by leaving the blazer at home (sacrilege! I love blazers!), swapping out the suit skirt for a leather skirt, and adding a print to your go-to blouse. A chic pair of pointed toe heels ties the whole look together for a more updated skirt-and-blouse look.
Never underestimate the power of a chic, tailored pair of trousers. Roll them up for a more summery feel, and add a light, silky blouse for an easy, breezy look. Add little punches of your personality in a great pair of colorful platforms and a printed blazer. 

Get the looks!


  1. Each of those outfits looks so smart, classy, and really appropriate for almost any sort of job interview. Very well put together- as usual!

  2. These are great outfits! I would hire you, especially with your haircut:)


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