How To Survive Outlet Shopping

What better way to spend this memorial day weekend than marathon shopping discounted designer goods? I'll admit I went today with my mom. Of course, outlet shopping is not for the faint hearted. Along with a ready wallet, you'll need plenty of energy, determination, and patience. Here are a few handy tips for making the most of your time!

1. Have a good attitude.
You are not going to have fun shopping if you go in with a defeatist attitude. Though this applies to almost anything in life, fears that nothing will fit your "different" body (btw, everyone's body is "different") will undoubtedly rear their ugly head...if you let them. Be positive but realistic- not everything will fit or look good. Some things you'll have to pass on, others you may have to get tailored. You may only walk away with one thing that fits. And that's ok! Just try to have a good time.

2. Have a game plan.
Know how much time you'll spend at the outlets- a "we'll leave when we're done" parameter induces less efficient shopping. Know which stores you want to hit and which ones to pass on- this may take prior experience knowing which stores are good and which ones are not. Plan out parking accordingly.

3. Bring snacks.
Fueling up is important. Not everyone can marathon shop like my mother (whose camel-like abilities only kick in while shopping) and can walk all day without a bit of water or grain of food and be fine. Protein bars, water bottles, fruit, etc will keep you hydrated, energized, and in a good mood. No one likes a hungry shopper.

4. Only buy things you really like or love.
Outlet shopping can get out of hand when you're hitting up every store and buying everything thats 50% off- just because that Theory top is only $50, it doesn't mean you should 5 of them! I tend to go for either basics or unique pieces- things that I know I'll wear a lot or can't get anywhere else at such a fabulous price. Try to pass on things that you just like (like those cute black sandals that are similar to the 3 other pairs you have)- you'll only wear them a few times, and though they may be cheap, all those pieces can add up. Save your wallet, your closet space, and your time. 

5. Be familiar with a brand's price point and quality.
Just because its at the outlet, doesn't mean its a bargain. Some brands make items specifically for the outlet, and thus are of lower quality to match the lower price. Though you may be getting a pair of J. Crew pajamas that seem like an excellent deal, they may not be as good as the pairs you buy in the normal stores. Though it may be difficult to tell the difference, do your best to be a savvy shopper and really examine the differences in quality and price. If you can get the same thing in the store for the same price, in a style that is part of the current season, then you can pass without buyer's remorse. 

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  1. Really interesting.
    I love outlets beacause it is really a great place where to do shopping, but we have to take attention and buy only what we really like or need!


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