Returning To My Roots

Meaning my figurative roots, of course. I'm not this naturally blonde. Now that I've returned back to my home, sunny Los Angeles, I felt it was time for me to re-explore my blonde, California side and all that entails. Gone are the strawberry-turned-dirty-blonde locks, and in their place are denim, wedges, giant celeb-style sunglasses, and a tan (I'm working on it still, okay?). 

What I've Learned About Myself and Others From What Not To Wear

With one of my favorite shows, What Not To Wear, wrapping up its 10 year run in July, I thought it only appropriate that I write a tribute to sartorial gurus Stacey London and Clinton Kelly.

New In

Since I've been home from London, I've been enjoying the cheaper prices and lack of exchange rate and doing a bit of shopping. As I previously recommended, I went to the outlets to see if I could score any cool new summer clothes, and I found a few nice pieces at great prices. 

This Vince top was originally over $100, but I got it at the Saks outlet for $25!

How To Survive Outlet Shopping

What better way to spend this memorial day weekend than marathon shopping discounted designer goods? I'll admit I went today with my mom. Of course, outlet shopping is not for the faint hearted. Along with a ready wallet, you'll need plenty of energy, determination, and patience. Here are a few handy tips for making the most of your time!

New Beauty Favorite: Rosehip Oil

Ever since Miranda Kerr endorsed rosehip oil last summer as her go-to beauty secret, this potent natural skincare treatment has risen through the ranks. Check out her testimonial here.

Skincare for Beauty Beginners- First Video!

My first video! Let me preface this by saying that there is a reason I am not an actress- I get in front of a camera and I either freeze or start blathering away like an idiot. Usually, its the latter. So please be gentle! I hope that this video provides a solid introduction into some cool beauty brands and products, and hopefully I'll get to do some more of these!

Check it out on youtube:

The products!


3 Ways to Style Your Fave Denim Shorts

We all have a pair- those denim shorts that are perfectly worn in, super comfortable, and perfect for fun-in-the-sun days at the beach. At some point in the summer, though, I get lazy and revert to throwing on a tee and flip flops with my shorts and call it a day. But this is a terrible mistake! Denim shorts are versatile pieces that can be styled every which way, and so here are a few tips to keep their magic alive this summer:

1. Pair them with a blazer:
Another thing we all have in our closets is a basic striped tee, which, when paired with denim shorts, is so perfect for summer but can get so boring so quickly. So, pair the look with a crisp white blazer and crisp white sneakers. The monochromatic color choices keep it looking clean and fresh, while the blazer dresses up the shorts and gives them a bit of structure. This look is still totally appropriate for a casual day out (re: tee and sneakers), but looks THAT much better!
Everyday Denim Shorts

Flower Girl

I love this look on my friend Malaika- its so fresh for Spring and great for Summer. A denim shirt is a great way to add a little edginess to a floral maxi! How great does she look?

The Boys Are Back

I cannot fully express how thrilled I am to have my boyfriend jeans again (and be able to wear them)! Not only do they look super cool- pair them with a simple top, leather jacket, and flats and you're ready to go- but they are insanely comfortable. Anyone who tells me that they prefer to wear *gasp* sweats because jeans are "not comfortable," well put on a pair of boyfriend jeans and see if you ever go back. Easy, comfy, and cool. Beat that. 

Summer Wish List

As I wrap up my semester abroad in London, I can't help but reminisce on the amazing experience I've had- immersing myself in English culture, getting to know one of the greatest cities in the world, and traveling around Europe are some of the highlights of my time here. Having said that, I've also come to realize the truth of the saying, "there's no place like home." While I'm used to being at school and away from home for months at a time, I can honestly say that I can't wait to get back to LA. I miss the sunshine, the beach, and the comforts of home that I often take for granted.

Summer 2013

Of course, returning back home also means that its time to get my summer wardrobe in order. Say goodbye to parkas and boots and hello to sandals and tanks! Currently, I'm craving simple, minimalist pieces that are easy, breezy, and perfect for summer. I have been wanting a pair of leather shorts for awhile now, and this tank is so simple but versatile. I am loving the low, chunky-heeled sandals look- anything that gives me an extra inch or two without killing my feet (or looking like grandma heels) works for me! And who can resist a little slice of paradise in this patterned clutch?

Get the look!


 Apologies for the long absence- the last few weeks have been crazy! I've been traveling all over the place (usually without my computer), and its been an incredible month. Here are a few shots from one of the lovely days in Lisbon!
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