Burrowing in Borough

One of my favorite places to visit in London is Borough Market. Open on the weekends, the full market boasts some of the best food vendors in the city, all brought together under one giant roof of awesomeness. I tend to go hog wild, sampling everything I can and eating my weight in lamb + mint burgers, carmelized apple cheesecake, and, my favorite, Monmouth Coffee. 
Situated in a little courtyard to the side are a few nice restaurants and colorful awesome umbrella fixture. This seemed like a great place to photograph my scarcely worn fur coat (I recently realized how silly I had been that I've been in one of the most stylish and coldest cities for months and have barely worn one of my most stylish and warmest coats). The umbrellas provided some temporary shelter from the spontaneous snowfall, forming my own little burrow in Borough (in the London borough of Southwark). The fact that I look like an animal definitely helped the Borough puns.

Get the look!


  1. Such a Pretty outfit! I love the Fur coat!
    Xo Pam

  2. Really enjoying following your blog and adventures in London, Marissa!


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