Hopeless Wanderer

After spending a wonderful week in Lisbon and Barcelona, I really learned how to travel lightly. By packing versatile items that can be easily layered or swapped out for lighter pieces, I was (virtually) ready for the sudden bouts of rain, random coldness, and hours of wonderful sunlight and warmth that I experienced while traveling. 


In case you were wondering about my recent absence, I spent the last week in Lisbon and Barcelona, seeing the sights and soaking up the sun. Check out some of the trip highlights...will be posting more photos soon!
On my way!
Chocolate and baked apple ice cream in Lisbon.
Everybody look at my feet, get jealous that I'm at the beach.
Patates Bravas and Sangria in Barcelona. I love tapas!

Get the Hottest Spring Looks for Less #2: Denim Dungarees

You may not be on board with this trend quite yet (and I don't blame you if you're not), but denim overalls are everywhere. They are becoming even more ubiquitous then their grown-up sister, the leather overall. If you find the right cut and style it in a simple, chic, and modern way, you may be able to pull them off without feeling like a 6-year old version of yourself (minus the pigtails). I particularly love the way Danielle from We Wore What styled them: a simple white sweater, cool booties, a surprising white baseball cap, and classic sunnies.

While my favorite style are these patchy ones by 3.1 Philip Lim, I can't even fathom buying them at their $675 price tag. Retailers like Asos and River Island are offering them up at a much more palatable price, like this pair for $76!
Denim Dungarees

Get the look!

March Review

Looking back on some of my favorite posts and outfits of the month! Notice a trend? Skinny jeans, booties, and my go-to carryall!

Get the Hottest Spring Looks for Less #1: Boyfriend Jeans

As part of a new series inspired by the incredible street style that's emerging in these warmer days, I'm hunting for the hottest spring looks at lower prices. As many of you may know, my love affair with boyfriend jeans grows stronger by the day. I particularly love the way Krystal from This Time Tomorrow styled hers with a spring-appropriate-leather top, a camo jacket, and bold yellow sandals!
(Photo via This Time Tomorrow)

Though Current/Elliot has a monopoly on the coolest boyfriend jeans (for the steep price of $230), Gap offers an equally stylish pair for a more reasonable $70! All together, this whole outfit costs the same amount as the one pair of Current/Elliot jeans!
The boyfriend jean
Shop the look!

Burrowing in Borough

One of my favorite places to visit in London is Borough Market. Open on the weekends, the full market boasts some of the best food vendors in the city, all brought together under one giant roof of awesomeness. I tend to go hog wild, sampling everything I can and eating my weight in lamb + mint burgers, carmelized apple cheesecake, and, my favorite, Monmouth Coffee. 
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