We're All Fashion Photographers Now

Well, I thought I was done with my LFW coverage. However, I realized there was a subject I hadn't posted about yet: the prevalence of street style photographers. I wouldn't trade my LFW experience for anything- okay, I would for anything Philip Lim or Valentino- but the whole experience seemed to lack...purity. 
Being a fashion week beginner, I know its not really my place to pass judgment or call for the "good old days." However, I couldn't help notice that the majority of the action takes place outside the tents. Walking into the courtyard of Somerset House, I was immediately overwhelmed by the hordes of photographers just standing around, waiting for the perfect street style look that will turn their  blog into "The Sartorialist." Of course, I'm guilty of this as well- I did multiple fashion week street style posts.
What amazed me even more was the validation of the presence of the photographers by the majority of showgoers who dress in head-to-toe trends and slowly walk past the cameras in a not-so-subtle effort to be photographed. I will admit to my role in this as well- I felt such a rush when a few photographers snapped my picture or when a blogger or two approached me for an interview. However, it all seemed so forced. Instead of discussing who was showing or what their lines were like, the buzz was all about which street style star had just materialized and whether or not Scott Schuman had seen them. When someone entered wearing what I can only describe as a head-to-toe rubber Barbie suit/costume, they were immediately ambushed by people just trying to get a good shot. And why? What does a Barbie costume say about current street style and fashion trends? Nothing, except the propensity for it to get out of hand in an attempt to be the next Anna Dello Russo.
I don't want you to get the impression that I think I am above it or over the whole street style thing, and I don't want to come off like Suzy Menkes in her article for the NYT, but as a street style consumer, I appreciate the fashionistas who embrace a sense of reality when showing off their personal style. 

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