Spring Forward: Mix Up Your Winter Wardrobe

 Spring is around the corner, and all of my spring clothes are at home in LA- packing for study abroad limited me to only a few pieces of luggage to last me 3 months. While I'm desperately missing my boyfriend jeans and white blazer, I'm going to have to make do for the meantime with my winter clothes. I'm currently so sick of everything in my closet, and I've worn everything a million times. I'm also too broke to buy new clothes. So...instead of sitting around whining, I'm going to attempt to mix things up.
This black skirt is a great versatile piece- I've even worn it in the snow! So, ditch the black tights and pair it with a soft tee. Use a denim shirt as a lightweight jacket, and a pair of booties keep it looking cool while preparing you for April showers.
The white peplum top and nude pink lace pants are both more spring items anyways, but they transition well between seasons. Wearing them together with a simple pair of flats (or one with a cool leopard print) and a bright purse makes the distinction between winter and spring clear. 
This dress is perfect for Spring 2013; the halter neckline and shorter hem keeps the shape spring appropriate, while the black and white pattern is on trend! Dress it down with a pair of sandals or booties, or dress it up with great pumps, a clutch, and a blazer!

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