After living in London for 2 months, I was definitely ready to take a trip to its chic, continental sister city: Paris! What better excuse than having my best friend Lindsay coming to visit, right? However, only staying for 3 nights made me really edit my wardrobe; I decided on simple, chic basic pieces that I could easily mix-and-match for an Emmanuelle Alt-meets-Isabel-Marant très francaise vibe.

 A light coat and patterned scarf (that would identify my adopted-Burberry-Brit persona) were simple, throw on pieces for travelling in the chilly weather. Some leather on leather (leggings and jacket) were effortless and classic Parisian, while a simple white button down made this black-and-white ensemble on trend. Of course, my Isabel-Marant-inspired booties were a must, as was a classic carry-all for easy travelling.

Get the look!


  1. I'm so jealous of your trip! Your outfit is very chic, love the scarf:)

  2. You look so very beautiful! :*
    All the best from charming Berlin,

    Jana & Vanessa


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