Check Me Out...On Majestic Disorder!

Sitting down for tea in my dorm-style flat with Kelley Mullarkey- founder of Majestic Disorder, freelance journalist and photographer- I was a bit nervous. Majestic Disorder is a unique online publication that delves deeply into the lives of those who have a strong point of view and great personal style. Of course, I was flattered when Kelley asked me if we could meet for an interview. We had been set up by a mutual friend who knew our loves of fashion, political science, and living in London would make for a great match. I'm happy to say that after speaking with Kelley and Sean- Video Producer and Executive Editor of Majestic Disorder- I was instantly relieved. They were both warm and engaging, asking me interesting questions not just about my love of fashion, but how I developed a passion for political science and feminism. They just GOT me. 

Please check out the full piece (including a video and more pictures) HERE!

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