Dress Like A Rockstar


Last week, I had the honor of helping style my friend Melissa Griffiths for her gig at the Bedford. One of London's brightest young singer/songwriters, Melissa is like a cheerier Lana del Rey with a cool, young, vintage-inspired look to match. We wanted to give her a look that would be comfortable enough to wear while sitting down and playing guitar, and that also evokes a vintage, girly glamour with a modern and edgy twist. 
Melissa performing with her guitar. 
Melissa in a Topshop dress and Brigitte Bardot-inspired hair and make-up. 

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Rock Star
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Check Me Out...On Majestic Disorder!

Sitting down for tea in my dorm-style flat with Kelley Mullarkey- founder of Majestic Disorder, freelance journalist and photographer- I was a bit nervous. Majestic Disorder is a unique online publication that delves deeply into the lives of those who have a strong point of view and great personal style. Of course, I was flattered when Kelley asked me if we could meet for an interview. We had been set up by a mutual friend who knew our loves of fashion, political science, and living in London would make for a great match. I'm happy to say that after speaking with Kelley and Sean- Video Producer and Executive Editor of Majestic Disorder- I was instantly relieved. They were both warm and engaging, asking me interesting questions not just about my love of fashion, but how I developed a passion for political science and feminism. They just GOT me. 

Please check out the full piece (including a video and more pictures) HERE!

Currently Missing

As I've mentioned before, I left a good portion of my wardrobe at home in LA when I came to London. Though the weather doesn't seem to be improving, I am still mentally preparing myself for Spring. Right now, I'm aching for some of my warm-weather-wardrobe staples! Thankfully, my family is coming to visit me soon and I will be requesting that they bring me these items:


While I was in Paris, one of the places I had to visit was Fragonard. Famous for their uniquely French perfumes, Fragonard hails from the small town of Grasse in the south of France. Their beautiful bottles and classic, fresh scents provided the perfect gift item, as well as the perfect personal scent. 

Spring Forward: Mix Up Your Winter Wardrobe

 Spring is around the corner, and all of my spring clothes are at home in LA- packing for study abroad limited me to only a few pieces of luggage to last me 3 months. While I'm desperately missing my boyfriend jeans and white blazer, I'm going to have to make do for the meantime with my winter clothes. I'm currently so sick of everything in my closet, and I've worn everything a million times. I'm also too broke to buy new clothes. So...instead of sitting around whining, I'm going to attempt to mix things up.


After living in London for 2 months, I was definitely ready to take a trip to its chic, continental sister city: Paris! What better excuse than having my best friend Lindsay coming to visit, right? However, only staying for 3 nights made me really edit my wardrobe; I decided on simple, chic basic pieces that I could easily mix-and-match for an Emmanuelle Alt-meets-Isabel-Marant très francaise vibe.

Spring Inspo

It's still freezing and raining in London, but I can't help get inspired by all the ladies currently enjoying warmer climates. I really have yet to figure out my Spring wardrobe (like I said, there hasn't been much of a need), so I'm just focusing on my favorite spring trends: florals (for spring? groundbreaking), denim, bright colors, and black and white. What are some of your favorite spring trends?

We're All Fashion Photographers Now

Well, I thought I was done with my LFW coverage. However, I realized there was a subject I hadn't posted about yet: the prevalence of street style photographers. I wouldn't trade my LFW experience for anything- okay, I would for anything Philip Lim or Valentino- but the whole experience seemed to lack...purity. 

What To Wear For...A Coffee Date

After reflecting on the relationship between fashion and sex, I realized I left something out: romance. What is that you ask? In our post-adolescent, pre-real-adult college state, we often completely ignore the concept of romance. Personally, I cringe at the sight of flowers, chocolates, and other romantic paraphernalia that suffocate us all on Valentine's Day. However, seeing as some of us may occasionally go on dates (weird meetings in which you get to know somebody), I thought I may provide a general guide for dressing. 
Generally, the rule for dates (especially lunch and coffee dates during the day) is to look like you're not trying so hard. So basically you end up searching your closet for half an hour for the perfect top that looks effortless, and then you spend another half an hour putting on the perfect I'm-just-this-naturally-beautiful make-up. To try to cut down that not-trying-so-hard time, just choose something simple, polished, and figure-flattering. You don't need to compromise your sartorial integrity or personal style (you don't NEED to wear an LBD) to do that- your cute, go-to patterned top will be perfect with a simple pair of jeans. Heels definitely are NOT a MUST for day dates, but if you can find a comfortable and casual pair (like a par of booties), they'll be flattering without being too dressy. A leather jacket is always a great way to exude confidence (a little edge is never a bad thing) and also subtly sex appeal. Finally, keep the bag simple by not letting it overwhelm you; this isn't the time for your giant carryall where you store every single receipt and ticket stub you've collected over the years- that'll just lead to you fumbling around in your bag for a lip balm for 10 minutes looking like a ditz (I speak from experience, guys).

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Allies or Adversaries? All Is Fair in Fashion and Sex, Part 2

All Is Fair in Fashion and Sex
Part II: Adversaries
Though this may come as a surprise to the general public, fashion's definition of sexy often doesn't align with mainstream; Victoria's Secret models and curvy girls like Kate Upton have a hard time booking high-fashion gigs (unless they've built up enough industry cred) for a reason. What we see walking down the runways on rail-thin models with no curves suggests that fashion's definition of sexy is more androgynous, less normatively feminine, but not necessarily less harmful to a woman's self esteem as, say, Sport Illustrated swimsuit models. Tight, short, sparkly dresses may be preferred by the male gaze, but they don't exactly fall under the purview of "haute couture." In this way, mainstream sexy and fashion sexy are at odds, and fashion can actually break down normative definitions of femininity and sexuality.

Allies or Adversaries? All Is Fair in Fashion and Sex

Dear followers, I think its about time we've had THE talk. No no, I know you probably (hopefully) have already had that uncomfortable conversation with your parents and/or teachers, so this will be a different (but not entirely unrelated) talk. We're going to have a SATC moment and focus on the relationship between Carrie Bradshaw's two favorite things: fashion and sex. 
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