Portobello Road + New Items

Yesterday, I took a trip down Portobello Road in London's famous Notting Hill. Yes, the Notting Hill from THAT movie with Hugh Grant (which, admittedly, I have not seen, but promised my friend I will before we go back!) Check out my new sunnies and other items!

Filled with vintage shops, little cafes (like the one above), and street vendors, Portobello Road is an odd mix of perfect tourist trap and legitimate local shopping hub. I found some great jewelry and accessories, like these round sunglasses, black and gold bangle, and this cool ring for only 1 pound!
 The seemingly never ending street is also full of cool antique shops and treasures, like this sports shop (below), which I assumed was a Quidditch shop. Aren't those Quaffles in that basket?!

I stumbled across a great vintage shop with this awesome door (I spot Lana Del Rey in a few places), and an impressive collection of vintage Chanel bags (below) that were WAY out of my price range but still pretty to look at.

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  1. I think it's just a perfect place for tourist and shop addict tourist, never payed much attention to what was there!



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