How To Dress (Properly) For the London Club Scene

Every time I go out, I have a glamorous image in my head of myself in a head-turning cocktail dress, brilliant statement necklace, and a sexy pair of pointed-toe pumps tearing it up on the dance floor. But then I think about the walk over the club...and the hours I will spend on my feet...and the cold, biting weather outside...and I just want to put on a pair of jeans and flats. Damn this stylish city and the hordes of well-dressed fashionistas who make you want to dress up! I think, though, that I have found a decent compromise:
London Club
A pair of leather leggings that will keep you warm AND have a subtle sexiness to them + heeled boots that will be easier on your feet (and again, keep you warm). A stylish peplum top that is easy, comfortable, and also still sexy. Dress it up with some statement jewels and red lips, and don't forget a fabulous fur coat (to be checked at various clubs and not just slung over a bar stool, of course) to keep up with the London glamour. Finally, a convenient cross-body is a MUST- as much as I love a great oversized clutch, holding it ALL night on the dance floor is exhausting.

Get the look!

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  1. love that look too! :) lovely choices!



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