As I write this post, I am sitting at the desk in my flat in London eating wine gums (a local favorite) and nursing my sore body (from all the walking, which we don't do in LA), looking forward to the next 5 months in London. I've already seen quite a few sights, don't you think? Also, I shot all of these with my new Canon Rebel- I finally got a nice camera!
I opted for a simple, easy, and comfortable look while exploring- forest green skinnies, a classic tee, and a leopard print blazer for some interest. Worn-in flats and a leather carry-all were a must!
Subway selfie!
Buckingham Palace!
The Supreme Court! Poli Sci nerding out!


  1. London+5.jpg (the first Buckingham Palace one) is a great shot, I'm jealous you're there. Keep the pictures coming!

  2. Holy crap. Did you take all of these pictures!?
    THis is insane. The colors in these pictures are absolutely incredible, and you've got such a great eye! The ferris wheel pick is ethereal! Like a magical world.

    I hope you're having the awesomest time ever, and I"m completely in love with your bag! great post. keep the fantastic photography up. :)


  3. I love London, hope you're having a good time !

    Elegantesque Blog

  4. Love your jacket and jeans! London is such a beautiful city x


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