An Update

       Apologies for the absence, my friends. As I'm deep into my senior year here at Wash U, I've suddenly become driven by the need to live out this year to the fullest due to my impending graduation. Bucket list items have been ticked off, involvement in student groups have increased, and more thought and energy than ever have been focused on THE FUTURE.
      Unlike my hardworking Business, Engineering, and even Pre-Med and Pre-Law friends, I am not in any sort of secure job position, and I certainly have no idea what the future holds. While I watch my friends receive offers from top consulting firms, businesses, and graduate schools, I can't help but feel left out. Of course, I know that I am but one of many who have yet to map out the future. And I do have some tentative plans: move home, get a job in fashion, eventually take the LSAT and go to law school. But the majority of the jobs I'm interested just don't recruit so early, so I'm left playing the waiting game, which is just as frustrating as it sounds.
      I don't want to make it seem like I'm miserable in my current position and blaming everyone else; on the contrary, I've always embraced the belief that everything will work itself out and I will end up in the place that is best for me. I take full responsibility for not choosing a more concrete or clear career path, but I know that I would never forgive myself if I didn't at least try to pursue fashion or fashion journalism. In the meantime, I'm trying to spend as much time as I can with friends, take classes that really interest me, and take advantage of everything my wonderful campus has to offer. This has meant, unfortunately, that this blog has suffered. I didn't want to be posting half-heartedly and delivering poor content because I'm just too distracted. If I couldn't churn out the kind of content that I would be happy with, at a consistent pace, then there was no point of churning anything out at all.
     I won't ask you to wait around for me, because I'm not so naive to entertain the notion that anyone is seriously hanging on to every word I say. Instead, keep exploring the many blogs out there and all they have to offer, and when the time comes and I am able to fully blog again, try to remember the good old days we had together. Until then, blog on, ladies and gents.

The Wishlist: August Edit

August is a tricky month- its still hot as hell, but your summer wardrobe is looking less and less desirable. All you want is to break out those fall boots and blazers and revel in the new collections! The key, then, is transition pieces- things you can seamlessly integrate into your wardrobe that will work now and then. Some light-wash skinnies, a classic striped top, and some stylish kicks are just a few of the pieces that I'm craving this month.

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The Room Makeover

After over 10 years of living in the same room and barely changing a thing, my mom and I decided that it was time for a change. Considering I was still sleeping in the same bed that I did as a child, I really wanted some grown up and modern. I have to give most of the credit for this makeover to my mom- her penchant for interior design was clear from the moment she suggested black and white as the color scheme, with yellow accents (so we could keep the drapes, the tiling in my bathroom, and a few other remnants of my childhood room).

My bed: Unfortunately I do not have proper "before" pictures, but you can see my tiny twin size bed frame and the childlike light wood w/ flower design.

The Hungover Skin Saviors

We've all had those nights; we have a bit too much fun partying and suffer the consequences the next day. Whether you pass out before you get a chance to take off your make-up, or you spend all night..ahem...praying to the porcelain god, those extra (and probably unnecessary) shots will show on your face the next morning.

I recently had a night like this (I won't go into too much detail) and woke up the next morning with puffy eyes, red blotchy patches all over my face, and some new breakouts. Yayyyyy. While I detoxed my body with a myriad of hangover cures (Gatorade and Made in Chelsea marathons seem to work for me), I spent quite some time trying to get my skin back in order.

Once I was able to peel myself off my bedroom floor and into a standing position (without falling over from dizziness), I whipped out my Clarisonic for a deep clean to get rid of all the make-up and nasties that clung to my skin overnight. Paired with my new fave cleanser (move over Effaclar!), the Nude Purify Cleansing Wash, my skin felt clean and clear once again. Sidenote: this cleanser by Nude is a great option for those with oily/combination skin that suffer from acne. It gives a deep cleanse without stripping the skin of natural oils and leaves it looking refreshed, balanced, and even toned.

After all the leftover make-up was gone, I slapped on this Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Mask, which helps to detox the skin, reduce breakouts, and sooth irritations. A clay-based mask is a great once-a-week treatment or when your skin is in desperate need of a pick-me-up. 10 minutes later, I removed the mask and used the Dr. Dennis Gross All-Over Blemish Solution on my newly acquired spots, which not only helps clear them up, but reduces redness and inflammation. To take care of the puffiness around the eyes, this Origins Ginzing Eye Cream sample instantly woke me up with a shot of caffeine that minimized my dark circles.

For some extra nourishment to aid my battered skin, I used a sample of the Origins Make A Difference Treatment Lotion, which seemed to tame the red, blotchy patches and add some extra moisture. I finished up with my favorite combination- a few drops of the Boots Botanics Facial Oil mixed in with my Fresh Umbrian Clay Lotion. My skin drinks up the moisture from the facial oil while the Fresh moisturizer gently calms down my skin. To my surprise, in a few hours, my skin looked almost back to normal (minus the new breakouts, which I suspect will take a few days to subside). Once I was done, I got back into bed and let my body and skin recover.

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What To Wear In...West Hollywood

As I become more acquainted with the city in which I've lived my whole life (but have been an absentee resident as of late), I've become smitten with West Hollywood. Known for its old-school music venues on the Sunset Strip, WeHo is also a destination for excellent shopping (Melrose, anyone?), some of the coolest new restaurants in the city, and equally cool bars. 
West Hollywood

The potential WeHo outfits are endless, as there is so much to do and see! But since this is one of the best destinations for the coolest kids in the city, its a good place to flex your fashion muscle. Fun printed pants, colorful pieces, standout accessories, and a stylish pair of booties (that are easy to walk in) is ideal for going from the shops, to dinner, to a concert, to the bars!

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One Day: The Products Of My Future Bathroom

Since I'm currently going through an obsessive phase regarding beauty products (mostly skincare), I've started to fantasize about all of the amazing things I'll be stocking my future home with. Though I'm not ready to move out of my parents' home quite yet (hey, I still have a year of college left!), a girl can dream can't she?

Bath Products
Since my current skincare and make-up cravings change on a daily basis, I've started putting a mental list together of all of ecoutrements which will be the icing on top of my expensive beauty cake.

(From top left to bottom right)
1. Rodin Olio Lusso: I've heard great things about Rodin oils (founded by style icon Linda Rodin)- they're made from 11 different luxurious oils (as evidenced by the steep price tag) and are supposed to be amazing! Though I currently do not have the deep pockets for them, I can picture myself luxuriously slathering on this body oil after a very luxurious day.

2. Fresh Rice Sake Bath: Right now, I'm having a love affair with Fresh. Their products are really light and sensitive, but effective! Of course, their products are also pricey. I would love to splurge on an $80 bath oil for that aforementioned luxurious bath (that would undoubtedly melt away all my stress and subsequently cure all my problems), but its not really plausible for my unpaid-intern-income.

3. Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Diffuser: If you haven't noticed before, Jo Malone has become my go-to provider for high-end scents. Their mix-and-match perfumes are ALL amazing, and I would shell out big bucks to get my whole house to smell like their London stores. However, the $80 diffuser would look (and cost) out of place in my current bathroom!

4. Aesop Aromatique Hand Wash: One of the weird reasons why I'm enjoying my current internship is because they stock the bathrooms with wonderful smelling Aesop hand wash (I admitted it was a weird reason!) It always leaves my hands feeling incredibly clean without feeling dry, which it should for a $50 price tag!

5. L'Occitane Shea Butter Lavender Soap: I've always loved how nourishing L'Occitane's shea butter products are and this one is a little more attainable at the price of $10 (I currently am savoring a bar in my bathroom). However, stocking my entire house with these one day is not nearly as economical as a few bars of Ivory soap. Sighhh

6. Malin + Goetz Vetiver Candle: Another internship perk! Though this candle is only lit when we're rolling out the big guns, the smell is heavenly and I'm a sucker for the simple, clean packaging that I think would look lovely all over my future modern-style house. For a casual $52, I would have to make it last and light it maybe once every few months?

The products:

The Place Beyond the Vines

On our last night in Sonoma, the fam and I went to an amazing Italian restaurant in Napa called Tra Vigne. As awesome as the food was (sorry I didn't snap any pics), the surroundings were just as cool. Vineyards as far as the eye can see, abandoned train tracks, and some of NorCal's best restaurants hidden away amongst the vines. 

The Weekend Getaway Packing List

After my recent jaunt to NorCal, I felt inspired to put together and easy, mix-and-match, weekend getaway packing list. I'm not the type that plans out every single outfit beforehand- instead, I give myself a general idea of the different outfits I could make from a handful of pieces that will work for any occasion I may run into.

For the trip there: You probably know of my love affair with boyfriend jeans, and they make the perfect pant for road trippin'. With a casual tee, cool hat, and flats, you'll be comfy and prepared for a great getaway. Throw on a blazer, some fun jewelry, and a nicer pair of sandals for the car-to-the-bar transition.
Packing List 1

I Do.

As I previously mentioned, I spent the 4th of July weekend up in Sonoma for my cousin's wedding. Wine country is absolutely gorgeous- a picturesque location for any occasion. Though the local style is casual to say the least, this Milly dress is perfect marriage of formal wedding wear and summer party attire. Even though it is floor-length, the geometric pattern and pleats make it totally and dress-downable. 

Happy 4th!

I've never been much into kitschy holiday dressing (ok maybe not now anyways...) so this was my take on a 4th of July outfit. The red comes in the form of a subtle tinted lip, whereas the white and blue take center stage as a refreshing, summer getaway get-up. I love the all-white look, while the blue floral blazer gives it a pop of color.  I'm currently up in Sonoma (wine country wooo!) for my cousin's wedding and I've been very inspired by summer vacay attire- think easy, breezy looks in whites, blues, and pastels! Stay tuned for more pictures and my full packing list...

Poolside Pin-Up

I just received this adorable playsuit courtesy of Asos, and its the perfect swimwear ensemble (in my humble opinion). In a fun print and vintage style, it can be worn either as a bathing-beauty type suit by itself or a cutesy cover-up. Throw on a pair of shorts to wear it as a bathing-suit-turned-crop top! Of course, give it a modern twist with some sky-high heels and an ultra-cool hat. 

A Guide to Petite Dressing: Do's, Don'ts, and a Few Tips

If you haven't noticed from my pictures, I'm a petite gal. I'm talking a 5'2" lightweight who has to hem all her pants and frequently wears heels just to feel normal. But I've come to terms with being small- in fact, I've embraced it. I may not be able to wear anything off-the-runway, but I have dressing for my body down to a few simple rules.

1. Shop with an open mind. Don't let yourself get frustrated. Of course, when dressing your body, there is always going to be trial and error (this goes for any shape or size). You have to try things on to find out what fits! If you try on 3 pairs of jeans and none of them fit, it is not a reflection of your body- there is nothing wrong with you. You just need to find what works for you (and everyone goes through this). Which leads me to my next point...

2. Expect that you will have to get things tailored. Again, this isn't just for us petite ladies, but this applies to everyone. Designers and manufacturers make clothes in standard sizes- its annoying, but they have to do that. They cannot make an infinite amount of pieces that will fit any size or shape. This in and of itself does not make the fashion industry evil- it makes it possible. What will make them evil is if they make clothes that are unalterable. Like I said, standard sizes will not be made for your specific body and that doesn't mean its your fault. It means that most people have to tailor their clothes to fit them. Yes, that is more expensive and an inconvenience, but everyone has to do it. Don't quit if it doesn't fit. And don't throw a tantrum about how you can't shop. Sometimes you'll get lucky and a line will provide petite sizes. Usually, I have to hem my pants, skirts, and dresses. It is how I personalize my wardrobe to make it fit me.


3. Look for clothes that are tailored. As a general rule of thumb, look for clothes that fit close to the body to show off your petite frame without overwhelming it. Stay away from oversized and overly-voluminous. This doesn't mean that an oversized boyfriend blazer will never work, but it means it usually won't.

4. Pants: Your pants should fit close to the body, like a skinny jean or straight leg pant. If it has a flare, wear it with heels- this will actually make your legs look miles long. Never wear a wide leg or flare with flats unless you want to look short AND stubby. With skinnier pants, like jeans, you don't always need to hem them. In fact, I cuff a lot of my pants to about ankle length, which looks lengthening and slimming. In terms of the rise, I always prefer a higher rise- this will lengthen your legs and cover up unflattering parts of the tummy.

5. Tops: Always balance out your top and bottom. With a skinny jean or pant, most shapes of tops can work (except overly voluminous. See #3). Even a flowy silk tank will work if it fits close to the body. I know I've discussed the virtues of a peplum top before, but I can't overemphasize how much I love peplums. They're great for petites because they nip in at your tiny waist and give you an hourglass shape with just enough volume and interest to work. With a more flared pant, make sure you are wearing a fitted top that is no longer than pocket-high. If it is too long, tucking it in to a higher-waisted pant will give your body the right proportion. And always err on the side of tailored blouses in a pinch!
Petite 2

6. Dresses and Skirts: The rules for dresses are pretty much the same- look for tailored shapes that fit close to the body and aren't voluminous. That fun drapey-dress may be trendy and look great on that 5'10" model, but it will probably drown your petite frame. I like to hem my dresses a few inches above the knee (depending on the occasion- make sure its appropriate) to lengthen my legs. A seam around your waistline is a good indication of a nicely-tailored dress. Don't wear a drop-waist...ever! The same goes for skirts- that trendy midi-skirt is not for you!

7. Jackets and Coats: As much as I loved the look of the round, oversized coat that I saw walking the streets of London, I hated every single one I tried on. Look for jackets and coats with a lot of structure with seams that nip in at the waist (a similar mechanism to the peplum) to emphasize your shape and not overwhelm your frame. The length should be on the shorter side (not below your butt) or you'll look like a kid in her mom's work clothes.
Petite 3
8. Don't be afraid of heels! As uncomfortable as many pairs of heels can be (and usually are), every woman, no matter her height, should embrace the feelings of power and confidence that come from a great pair of heels. I love the extra boost even the smallest of heels give me. For petite girls especially, look for heels in a lot of different shoes- even if its small, it can make you feel a foot taller. I recently got this great pair of Sam Edelman wedges that are only a couple inches high but are comfortable enough to wear all day. The difference they make in terms of the length of my legs is incredible- and they're just a few inches!! Specifically, look for pointed-toe heels- not only are they so on trend right now, but they can look incredibly chic and are incredible flattering.

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June Birchbox Review

Check out my Birchbox items and review!

This month, I received my first ever Birchbox. Some of you may know that Birchbox is a monthly package of samples and full size beauty, make-up, skincare, and lifestyle products all for the bargain price of $10. After watching the tantalizing preview video, that featured such items as the Origins Charcoal Mask, I had fairly high hopes. Though I haven't used all of the products yet, I wasn't thrilled by the selection.

First, I did not receive the Origins mask. Ok, maybe I had my heart a littttlle bit set on it- considering my growing love for skincare and never-ending breakouts, I thought I was a shoe in for this item. Alas, I was not so lucky. Instead, the only bit of skincare (despite my indication on my personalized survey that this is what I was interested in) was a sunscreen- The Coola Classic SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for face. I was skeptical, but then I saw it stocked on the shelves at a very nice spa in LA and decided not to judge a book by its not-so-well-known name. I've only tried it once and it seems fine. The smell is very cucumber-y but the sunscreen itself is a bit oily. It seems like it will be a good summer travel product.

I also received a nail polish as part of the Birchbox + Color Club line in Mod in Manhattan. It is sort of a pinky-white shade, and one that I really like for a fresh summer manicure. I will definitely be trying it soon!

Next is an Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in blue. I'm not much of a blue eyeliner fan, and I'm certainly not skilled enough for the finesse of applying liquid liner, but I actually sort of like it. It is a bit easier than other liquid liners I've tried (its in a more solid pen form), but it doesn't go on particularly smooth. I think I'll use it in the future, but only if I'm feeling adventurous.

The last two I haven't tried. An Amika hair nourishing mask which I gave to my mom for her finer strands and a Juicy Couture perfume sample. Yawn. Like I haven't received a thousand of those before. Come on Birchbox, try me! Finally, the little hair twistband was a cute touch, but not something I really need. 

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My Summer Beauty Essentials- New Video!

      As my newfound obsession with beauty products grows (I'm waiting on my first Birchbox- expect a full report), I wanted to share with you my summer beauty essentials. You know, those products that you just can't get through the hot summer days without. While I have too many to count at the moment, I was able to edit them down to 6. Enjoy!

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Just Call Me Betty

Draper Francis, that is. With my new haircut and these low-wedge Sam Edelman sandals, I feel instantly brought back to the 60's. Add on a vintage looking walking short or pair of capris, plus the patented icy demeanor, and I'm channeling the still living spirit of January Jones. 

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New In: Sole Society

Just discovered: Sole Society on Life = changed.

The To-Do

Is there a better time to tick a bunch of things off of your to-do list than the summer? The weather is beautiful (at least here in SoCal), the days are longer, and I have a part-time internship that leaves me with plenty of time for doing productive things...if only I could actually get myself to do them *sighhh*. Well that is why I am making a to-do list and publishing it here, so you can all hold me accountable if I haven't done it by the end of summer!

1. Get back in shape. Since I've been home, the positive effects of all the walking I did in London have been eradicated by the hours I've spent sitting in my car in traffic. So, to get back into bikini-shape, I'm hitting the gym and the Pilates studio a few times a week. I'm only one stomach flu away from my goal weight (joking, of course!)

2. Explore LA's great nightlife. With the incredible selection of bars and clubs from one of this country's entertainment capitals, it seems almost criminal that I've barely been to any of them. So I've made it a goal to go out with friends, enjoy some good drinks, and have a good time (poor me, I know). I recently discovered Perch, an amazing rooftop bar downtown (with no cover!) and it has definitely become my new favorite spot. 

3. Go to museums. With the Getty, LACMA, and more, LA is actually a pretty cultured place (not all of us consider Keeping Up With the Kardashians to be high-class culture). Even better, the Getty's annual Saturdays off the 405 free concerts have started again, and I will definitely be checking out Geographer's July show. 

4. Spend more time outside. Considering I am a lucky girl to have a pool in my backyard and a wonderful canyon for hiking up the street, there is no excuse for me to sit inside all day watching TV. Well, except for the intense valley heat. But anyways, I could use the tan. Have you seen how pale I am?

5. Eat. This may seemingly contradict my first goal, but there are so many restaurants I've been meaning to try (Hinoki & The Bird, Trois Mec are just a few). I cannot wait to get my foodie on!

Summer Style Staples

Every girl needs her go-to summer pieces to throw on when the temperature is rising and her energy is waning.

Summer Style Essentials

The go-to summer outfit that is great for a casual day out, looks fresh, and keeps you cool all day. This summer, I'm swapping out my heavier jeans for something lighter (so I'm not sweating through my clothes). My new Vince tee is always a great go-to for simple summer chicness, while a denim vest adds that hard-to-attain cool factor. Of course, a good pair of walking sandals is crucial for the hot weather, and I love these that have just enough heel to give me a little boost! I love crossbody bags for their versatility, and they feel more seasonally appropriate. And I've already discussed how much I like the new Clinique CC cream (with an SPF)- definitely another summer must-have!

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Follow MJ on Bloglovin'

As some of you may have heard, Google Reader will no longer exist as of July 1st- this means that you will have to find some other way to follow my wonderful blog. If I may, I would highly recommend switching to Bloglovin'! This is a GREAT tool for keeping track of all of your favorite blogs in one place (whatever the blogging platform may be). Once you set up an account, you can also get the awesome free app- I'm constantly checking bloglovin' for new posts when I'm out and about and have a free moment. If you're not following a ton of blogs already, bloglovin' can help you find the best ones in whatever category interests you! It's easy to set up an account and use, so you should switch ASAP before your feed disappears! You can follow me here.

To import your blogs from Google Reader, check out this cool tutorial!

Village Walk

I love a great floral short for the summer- I wore this particular pair to our Father's Day BBQ. Splashing a cute pattern across the classic summer staple dresses them up and adds a bit of interest. Pair them with a tee for a casual day out, or a nice blouse and heels for a night out on the town (instead of the ubiquitous LBD). 

OOTD via Instagram

Getting my culture on! I saw the Scottsboro Boys today at The Ahmanson in Downtown LA, and I really enjoyed it. Its an interesting, thought-provoking show that is both a drama and a macabre musical. Of course, this show inspired two takes on my outfit of the day- one dark and one light. 

Another Glasses Giveaway with Firmoo!

I am happy to announce that I am hosting my second giveaway with glasses retailer, As you can see from my last posts about them (here and here), Firmoo offers some classic and cool eyeglasses and sunglasses for great prices, and there are a few potential prizes:

1. Multiple winners will win $20 E-voucher used on any frame at Classic Series. Some frames are under $20.
2. If you are selected as a grand prize winter, you get a totally free pair of choice at Classic Series, shipping included!
  Also, have I mentioned they have a first pair free program? Pretty cool right? Here are a few of my personal faves:

So, here are your tasks:

1. Mandatory: Please visit the website and let me know which glasses you would love to win in a comment below! (You must visit the site and leave a comment to qualify).

3. For an extra 5 entries: Follow @marissajoyp on twitter!

4. For an extra 10 entires: Follow me on Bloglovin!

*I've extended the giveaway until July 15th! Good luck!*

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The Uniform

For those of you that don't spend all of your spare time scouring other fashion blogs for the latest trends and coolest street style (like myself), let me give you a little update on what's currently going on in that big, wide, world of fashion. 

As I've mentioned before, black and white is having a moment. And so is this geometric wrap skort (oh yeah, there are shorts in the back), which can be seen, in some version or another, on every editor, publicist, and intern alike. This simple striped blouse is a great, easy summer piece, so its no wonder that so many bloggers and fashionistas are sporting similar tops. When it comes to shoes, the strappy summer sandal still reigns supreme, heeled or flat. Like I've said, simple jewelry is the way to go, like this basic gold bracelet and ring. Finally, the it-girls are revealing all with clear, lucite clutches and nude nail polish.

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Bollywood and Highland

For a fun girls' day out, I went to the Chado Tea Room on Hollywood and Highland with my sister and my mom. Considering we love afternoon tea (some hot tea, sandwiches, scones, and cakes are possibly the best afternoon pick-me-up), we absolutely loved this place!

Making Connections

I recently purchased this beautiful ring bracelet from La Suite 105 by Anne Sisteron in Beverly Hills, and it has become one of my everyday jewelry pieces. Click through to find out why!


Just a few little moments since I've been home!

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream: A Review

As a continuation of my search for beauty-beginner-friendly products, I recently tried a sample of the new Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream. Click to check out my full review!
(An Instagram pic of me wearing my CC Cream- I use the "light" shade)

3 Awesome Outfits for 3 Job-Securing Interviews

If, like me, you're still looking for a summer job, chances are you've been planning out what you will be wearing on your various potential interviews. Well, don't sweat it, because I've got you covered. If you're applying for a more conservative position- such as at a bank- then the good ol' suit and simple blouse will do. However, if you're applying to a job in a creative field- fashion, entertainment, etc- then have a bit more fun and dress to impress.

The Chop

If Karlie Kloss chopping off all her hair the day before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is any indiction, the chop is in and here to stay. Even Vogue has deemed it the cut of 2013. Well, it may have taken me awhile to get around to it, but I finally embraced the short-hair-don't-care attitude and cut inches off my chest-length tresses. 

Returning To My Roots

Meaning my figurative roots, of course. I'm not this naturally blonde. Now that I've returned back to my home, sunny Los Angeles, I felt it was time for me to re-explore my blonde, California side and all that entails. Gone are the strawberry-turned-dirty-blonde locks, and in their place are denim, wedges, giant celeb-style sunglasses, and a tan (I'm working on it still, okay?). 

What I've Learned About Myself and Others From What Not To Wear

With one of my favorite shows, What Not To Wear, wrapping up its 10 year run in July, I thought it only appropriate that I write a tribute to sartorial gurus Stacey London and Clinton Kelly.

New In

Since I've been home from London, I've been enjoying the cheaper prices and lack of exchange rate and doing a bit of shopping. As I previously recommended, I went to the outlets to see if I could score any cool new summer clothes, and I found a few nice pieces at great prices. 

This Vince top was originally over $100, but I got it at the Saks outlet for $25!

How To Survive Outlet Shopping

What better way to spend this memorial day weekend than marathon shopping discounted designer goods? I'll admit I went today with my mom. Of course, outlet shopping is not for the faint hearted. Along with a ready wallet, you'll need plenty of energy, determination, and patience. Here are a few handy tips for making the most of your time!

New Beauty Favorite: Rosehip Oil

Ever since Miranda Kerr endorsed rosehip oil last summer as her go-to beauty secret, this potent natural skincare treatment has risen through the ranks. Check out her testimonial here.

Skincare for Beauty Beginners- First Video!

My first video! Let me preface this by saying that there is a reason I am not an actress- I get in front of a camera and I either freeze or start blathering away like an idiot. Usually, its the latter. So please be gentle! I hope that this video provides a solid introduction into some cool beauty brands and products, and hopefully I'll get to do some more of these!

Check it out on youtube:

The products!


3 Ways to Style Your Fave Denim Shorts

We all have a pair- those denim shorts that are perfectly worn in, super comfortable, and perfect for fun-in-the-sun days at the beach. At some point in the summer, though, I get lazy and revert to throwing on a tee and flip flops with my shorts and call it a day. But this is a terrible mistake! Denim shorts are versatile pieces that can be styled every which way, and so here are a few tips to keep their magic alive this summer:

1. Pair them with a blazer:
Another thing we all have in our closets is a basic striped tee, which, when paired with denim shorts, is so perfect for summer but can get so boring so quickly. So, pair the look with a crisp white blazer and crisp white sneakers. The monochromatic color choices keep it looking clean and fresh, while the blazer dresses up the shorts and gives them a bit of structure. This look is still totally appropriate for a casual day out (re: tee and sneakers), but looks THAT much better!
Everyday Denim Shorts

Flower Girl

I love this look on my friend Malaika- its so fresh for Spring and great for Summer. A denim shirt is a great way to add a little edginess to a floral maxi! How great does she look?

The Boys Are Back

I cannot fully express how thrilled I am to have my boyfriend jeans again (and be able to wear them)! Not only do they look super cool- pair them with a simple top, leather jacket, and flats and you're ready to go- but they are insanely comfortable. Anyone who tells me that they prefer to wear *gasp* sweats because jeans are "not comfortable," well put on a pair of boyfriend jeans and see if you ever go back. Easy, comfy, and cool. Beat that. 

Summer Wish List

As I wrap up my semester abroad in London, I can't help but reminisce on the amazing experience I've had- immersing myself in English culture, getting to know one of the greatest cities in the world, and traveling around Europe are some of the highlights of my time here. Having said that, I've also come to realize the truth of the saying, "there's no place like home." While I'm used to being at school and away from home for months at a time, I can honestly say that I can't wait to get back to LA. I miss the sunshine, the beach, and the comforts of home that I often take for granted.

Summer 2013

Of course, returning back home also means that its time to get my summer wardrobe in order. Say goodbye to parkas and boots and hello to sandals and tanks! Currently, I'm craving simple, minimalist pieces that are easy, breezy, and perfect for summer. I have been wanting a pair of leather shorts for awhile now, and this tank is so simple but versatile. I am loving the low, chunky-heeled sandals look- anything that gives me an extra inch or two without killing my feet (or looking like grandma heels) works for me! And who can resist a little slice of paradise in this patterned clutch?

Get the look!


 Apologies for the long absence- the last few weeks have been crazy! I've been traveling all over the place (usually without my computer), and its been an incredible month. Here are a few shots from one of the lovely days in Lisbon!

Hopeless Wanderer

After spending a wonderful week in Lisbon and Barcelona, I really learned how to travel lightly. By packing versatile items that can be easily layered or swapped out for lighter pieces, I was (virtually) ready for the sudden bouts of rain, random coldness, and hours of wonderful sunlight and warmth that I experienced while traveling. 


In case you were wondering about my recent absence, I spent the last week in Lisbon and Barcelona, seeing the sights and soaking up the sun. Check out some of the trip highlights...will be posting more photos soon!
On my way!
Chocolate and baked apple ice cream in Lisbon.
Everybody look at my feet, get jealous that I'm at the beach.
Patates Bravas and Sangria in Barcelona. I love tapas!
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