Wardrobe Refresher: Style Your Classic Brown Riding Boots

First, let me apologize for the disappearance. As I'm sure many of you are suffering from finals as well, you can understand what a crazy and unpleasant time it is. I do have a few days off, however, and will try to make it up to you!

So, as you are probably stuck in a finals-winter rut like me, you may be having difficulty injecting a little creativity into your winter wardrobe. Well, I'm here to strike you with a little inspiration, this time relating to the winter necessity: brown riding boots. We all have them. We all wear them over our skinny jeans. We all struggle to find any other purpose for them. So, here are a few ideas:

1. Mix femme and edgier pieces: wear your boots with *gasp* a dress! But, keep it cool and collected with lots of layers and a tougher jacket, like an army green utility jacket, just to change things up! 
Brown Boots 1
2. As always, mixing prints and textures will never make you feel dull. Try a different type of skinnies with your boots, like this printed pair, and layer on the chunky sweater, denim, and patterned scarf until your outfit is far from basic!
Brown Boots 2
3. Go sleek and sophisticated. These ultra luxe Burberry boots deserve a sleek pair of skinny khakis, crisp white blouse, and camel coat for a very professional and streamlined look. Add a little flare with some fur detail and an oversized clutch.
Brown boots 3
4. Get festive! Try an unexpected mixture of bright colors and silhouettes, like this burgundy pencil skirt and boxy, patterned, emerald blouse. A more neutral bag and jacket keep it from looking too over the top, while the boots will make the look entirely casual for daytime. Just swap them out for a pair of heels, and you're ready for a holiday party!

Brown boots 4



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