A Last Minute NYE Idea: The Female Tuxedo

While I was shopping the post-holiday sales, hopelessly searching for an inspiring NYE look- a fun skirt, a cool jumpsuit, a great cocktail dress- I just couldn't help be uninspired. Everything looked the same to me. What can I do that's different? Wear PANTS?! WAIT. YES. I WILL WEAR PANTS. And the idea of the female tuxedo came to fruition! Look sharp, cool, and sexy in the girl-wearing-guy's clothing kind of way while being the only female at the party comfortable enough to get DOWN on the dance floor!

Make the tuxedo NYE appropriate by adding sequin and leather details, as well as metallic accessories, for a look that packs a punch.

1. Leather leggings and a sequin blazer
NYE Suit

2. Leather bustier and sequin blazer
NYE Tuxedo

A few tuxedo-clad ladies in case you need further convincing:

Get the look!

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