Some Inspo For a Cozy-Chic Finals Week

College students often use finals week as an excuse to dress like slobs. I get the attraction; you're spending endless hours in the library, running off of caffeine and 3 hours of sleep, and the weather outside is quickly dropping. The desire to put on a pair of sweats and call it a day is just pulling on your soul, impossible to resist. But I beg you...resist!

To get you through this tempting period, please look below. Admire the cool slouchy jeans, oversized sweaters, and cozy beanies. So, when you're heading out the door to a final and you're deciding between black sweatpants and navy sweatpants, put on a pair of boyfriend jeans or slouchy pants. Push yourself to get an "A" for effort. 

The Street Stylers:

My way:


Get the look:

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