Make a Statement: How to Wear the Statement Necklace

A lot of people shy away from statement accessories for fear that they will not wear them in the "right" way. But I don't really think that there is a "right" or "wrong" way to wear them. The statement accessory, such as a statement necklace, is all about making a statement, and playing around with them can be a lot of fun. You can wear them so that they are the focal point of your outfit, or go all out and mix them with other statement accessories. I particularly love statement necklaces as they can really pull an outfit together. When styling them, I guess my rule of thumb is to make sure that the statement they are making matches the statement you want to make with the rest of your outfit. 

1. Wear it with the basics:
If you want to say "I can look simple AND chic," then pair a statement necklace with basic tee, skinnies, blazer, and boots. The necklace will speak for itself, and the rest of your streamlined look will keep you from looking too overdone. 
Statement Necklace

2. Wear it for class:
If you want to say, "I am a chic collegiate," try it with a peplum skirt and patterned blazer. The kitschy patterned sweater and more casual flats keep the look from looking too business-y. Your statement necklace is sophisticated but still fun, just like the rest of your outfit and your college career. 

Statement Necklace

3. Wear it with formal attire:
If you want to make a statement that is a fresh take on formal or semi-formal attire, then a statement necklace is perfect. Forget diamonds and rubies and opt for costume jewelry with your cocktail dress. Keep your shoes and clutch simple (yet still occasion-appropriate) for a stand-out look that isn't too kooky. 

Statement Necklace
4. Wear it with statement pants:
Don't be afraid to make a statement about how frickin' stylish you are and mix colors and prints with a pair of statement pants. The whole look will pop with just these two statement items; just make sure to keep the rest of the look cohesive with simple, yet cool items (like a great pair of black booties and an oversized nude clutch).

Statement Necklace
5. Wear it with layers:
Make a statement about how super cool you are and layer your necklace over more layers. I love the button down + cropped sweater look, especially with a cool pair of boyfriend jeans and heels. You'll look casual, chic, and like you just happened to throw all these pieces on top of one another without even trying!
Statement Necklace

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