3 Outfits for 3 Fancy Going-Home Activities

Going home for Thanksgiving break usually yields more than just turkey and stuffing. Though you may be home for less than a week, your parents find a way to fit in everything they possibly can that they've been wanting to do with you.  In case you have forgotten how to dress up for classier events, since you're so used to the jeans and tees uniform of college life, see below for some suggestions:

1. For a nice dinner:
Give your jeans a rest (and a good wash) and try a pair of flares in another fabric, like cordouroy. A floral blazer will really make the look pop and allows you to keep the rest of the look simple with items that you can wear over and over again on your trip home. 

2. For a trip to the theater (I can't wait to see Book of Mormon!)
I can't stand going to the theater and seeing people (ahem..tourists) wearing cut-off jean shorts, tank tops, and fanny packs *shudder.* Dress as if you respect the performance and performers. My rule for the theater is NEVER wear jeans and ALWAYS wear heels. A cute LBD is perfect; its simple and not too fancy, but can be dressed up with a cool pair of heels and statement jacket. 
Theater 2

3. A dinner party:
If the food and company on Thanksgiving isn't enough and you're going to a classy dinner party to catch up with family friends, try something a bit different and wear a classy skirt instead of that cocktail dress that you've been wearing to EVERYTHING. I absolutely love this brocade blazer and how it mixes with the sequin skirt. Booties, a more casual top, and oversized clutch will make this look a bit more casual, but still fun!

Theater 3

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