Some Inspo For a Cozy-Chic Finals Week

College students often use finals week as an excuse to dress like slobs. I get the attraction; you're spending endless hours in the library, running off of caffeine and 3 hours of sleep, and the weather outside is quickly dropping. The desire to put on a pair of sweats and call it a day is just pulling on your soul, impossible to resist. But I beg you...resist!

To get you through this tempting period, please look below. Admire the cool slouchy jeans, oversized sweaters, and cozy beanies. So, when you're heading out the door to a final and you're deciding between black sweatpants and navy sweatpants, put on a pair of boyfriend jeans or slouchy pants. Push yourself to get an "A" for effort. 

The Street Stylers:

My way:


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The Ultimate Gift Guide Part 5: The Urban Traveler

We're getting towards the end of these, I SWEAR. Since I'm going abroad to London next semester (holla!), I've been thinking a lot about what to get someone who does a lot of travelling. The important things to keep in mind is ease and comfort while maintaining a sense of style.

The Ultimate Gift Guide Part 4: The Techie

Are you sick of these yet? Well, if you still haven't found the perfect gift for your buddies, maybe you'll find it here! It can be pretty difficult to shop for your techie friends- you may not be able to afford to buy all your friends iPads! But, gadget accessories are always fun and usually much more reasonably priced. Instead of an iPad, get her a cute iPad case or speakers. That way, she'll be able to tote around her new gadgets in style!


The Ultimate Gift Guide Part 3: The Homebody

If you are my close friend, then this is what you should be getting me. I am as happy lounging around the house in comfy (yet still stylishly adorable) clothes, watching TV, and eating ice cream as I am going to nice dinners and fancy parties. But please, don't get me a board game. Don't bother with DVDs- Netflix keeps me thoroughly entertained. As for books, I already have an extensive collection that I'm planning on reading soon (when I get around to them?). 

Gift Guide


The Ultimate Gift Guide Part 2: The Beauty Bawd

She may be a beauty novice or expert, but you probably have that friend who would appreciate a good make-up palette or gift set. During the holiday season, every beauty brand puts out a ton of gift sets with great deals on products, so its really hard to go wrong. I've picked out some of my favorites from my favorite brands; from a simple red nail polish to a skincare regimen, you can't really go wrong by gifting beauty products. Another benefit: you can take advantage of these great deals and get one for yourself!

The Ultimate Gift Guide Part 1: The Fashionista Friend

In honor of the holidays and hundreds of other gift guides circulating the internet, I decided to put together one as well. Well, its really multiple gift guides and this is just the first part (so if you don't find what you're looking for, stay tuned!)

These are just a few ideas for what to get your fashionista friend; the girl who loves clothes, loves a deal, and is fearless in her sartorial experimentation. She would love a classic blazer as much as a snakeskin cross-body. 

Geek Chic

Alright, I have a confession. I don't actually need/wear glasses- I have 20/20 vision. However, I've always loved that collegiate look, and these cool free glasses from were easy to incorporate into my wardrobe. Wearing non-prescription glasses has completely lost its hipster stigma, and they're now an accessory as common as any other. also offers prescription glasses and sunglasses in a ton of cool frames and styles, and I was surprised by the excellent quality of the frames. 
Better yet, Firmoo has a "First Pair Free" program, with fast delivery and affordable prices on a wide range of frames, and you only have to pay shipping! Another cool feature is that you can virtually try on the glasses on the website. Basically, if you are looking for glasses, you should take advantage of

Of course, I had to pair these glasses with my nerdy-cool plaid pants, off-white Equipment button down, and black loafers to get the full geek effect. Add a bit of red lipstick for a Jenna Lyons-esque look!
 Photos by Ashley Hudson. Glasses gifted from Firmoo

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Make a Statement: How to Wear the Statement Necklace

A lot of people shy away from statement accessories for fear that they will not wear them in the "right" way. But I don't really think that there is a "right" or "wrong" way to wear them. The statement accessory, such as a statement necklace, is all about making a statement, and playing around with them can be a lot of fun. You can wear them so that they are the focal point of your outfit, or go all out and mix them with other statement accessories. I particularly love statement necklaces as they can really pull an outfit together. When styling them, I guess my rule of thumb is to make sure that the statement they are making matches the statement you want to make with the rest of your outfit. 

1. Wear it with the basics:
If you want to say "I can look simple AND chic," then pair a statement necklace with basic tee, skinnies, blazer, and boots. The necklace will speak for itself, and the rest of your streamlined look will keep you from looking too overdone. 
Statement Necklace

2. Wear it for class:
If you want to say, "I am a chic collegiate," try it with a peplum skirt and patterned blazer. The kitschy patterned sweater and more casual flats keep the look from looking too business-y. Your statement necklace is sophisticated but still fun, just like the rest of your outfit and your college career. 

Statement Necklace

3. Wear it with formal attire:
If you want to make a statement that is a fresh take on formal or semi-formal attire, then a statement necklace is perfect. Forget diamonds and rubies and opt for costume jewelry with your cocktail dress. Keep your shoes and clutch simple (yet still occasion-appropriate) for a stand-out look that isn't too kooky. 

Statement Necklace
4. Wear it with statement pants:
Don't be afraid to make a statement about how frickin' stylish you are and mix colors and prints with a pair of statement pants. The whole look will pop with just these two statement items; just make sure to keep the rest of the look cohesive with simple, yet cool items (like a great pair of black booties and an oversized nude clutch).

Statement Necklace
5. Wear it with layers:
Make a statement about how super cool you are and layer your necklace over more layers. I love the button down + cropped sweater look, especially with a cool pair of boyfriend jeans and heels. You'll look casual, chic, and like you just happened to throw all these pieces on top of one another without even trying!
Statement Necklace


Here is a sneak preview of one of our shots from Styleta's latest editorial photoshoot. Guess who got to (had to) model? 

3 Outfits for 3 Fancy Going-Home Activities

Going home for Thanksgiving break usually yields more than just turkey and stuffing. Though you may be home for less than a week, your parents find a way to fit in everything they possibly can that they've been wanting to do with you.  In case you have forgotten how to dress up for classier events, since you're so used to the jeans and tees uniform of college life, see below for some suggestions:

1. For a nice dinner:
Give your jeans a rest (and a good wash) and try a pair of flares in another fabric, like cordouroy. A floral blazer will really make the look pop and allows you to keep the rest of the look simple with items that you can wear over and over again on your trip home. 

2. For a trip to the theater (I can't wait to see Book of Mormon!)
I can't stand going to the theater and seeing people (ahem..tourists) wearing cut-off jean shorts, tank tops, and fanny packs *shudder.* Dress as if you respect the performance and performers. My rule for the theater is NEVER wear jeans and ALWAYS wear heels. A cute LBD is perfect; its simple and not too fancy, but can be dressed up with a cool pair of heels and statement jacket. 
Theater 2

3. A dinner party:
If the food and company on Thanksgiving isn't enough and you're going to a classy dinner party to catch up with family friends, try something a bit different and wear a classy skirt instead of that cocktail dress that you've been wearing to EVERYTHING. I absolutely love this brocade blazer and how it mixes with the sequin skirt. Booties, a more casual top, and oversized clutch will make this look a bit more casual, but still fun!

Theater 3

3 Easy-Chic Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches and we all gear up for the biggest feast (and subsequent food coma) of the year, it can be very tempting to live in leggings, sweatshirts, and Uggs for Thanksgiving break. I mean, why not? They're warm, comfy, and will give you plenty of room for the food baby that you will eventually birth. But if you are having a Thanksgiving celebration with any dignity, then you may want to reconsider your outfit choices. Here are some looks that will be chic, polished, and totally comfortable for lounging around on your temporarily-fatter ass. 

1. For a more casual dinner, try boyfriend jeans:
The boyfriend jean is a wonderful staple and perfect for Thanksgiving. Without the constriction of the skinny, the boyfriend still looks cool and are super cozy. Make them a bit more polished and embraced their menswear appeal with a great button-down and loafers- a chunky sweater finishes the look and keeps you warm cozy!
Thanksgiving 3
2. For a classier occasion, try a pair of silk or velvet drawstring pants:
As comfy as pajamas, these pants are definitely cool and relaxed. The luxe silk or velvet will add the needed sophistication to these pants, while a chunky sweater and fur vest play off this boudoir theme while still looking polished. Your go-to booties and statement necklace make it dining-room appropriate, and a great lipstick or gloss keeps you from looking like you're going straight to bed after dinner. 
Thanksgiving 2
3. For the maximal combination of ease and class, try a sweater dress:
Sweater dresses are the PERFECT Thanksgiving piece. I discovered this a few years ago, when I threw on a sweater dress with plenty of tummy room, coziness, and instant-chic appeal. A pair of tights makes it more winter appropriate, while booties keep the look more fashion-forward. Add on a cute scarf and moto jacket for a little bit of edge. 

Thanksgiving 1

Style By MJ x Armour Mag

Today, the new issue of Armour Mag, Wash U's fashion magazine, came out, and guess who's in it? That's right...Big Bird. Oops, I mean me. 

Click here to see the full magazine and article!

Booty Booty Booty Booty...

...rockin' in every Zara. Seriously guys, Zara is KILLING it right now with the booties. I WANT THEM ALL.

Who Wears The Pants?

It has recently come to my attention that there are a lot of college students and college-age people who don't own a proper pair of pants. And by pants, I don't mean jeans or anything made of denim (or denim-like jegging material). Most of us live in our jeans, owning various pairs of skinnies and straight legs that take us from class to the bar and back again. So when a friend is confused by me asking what other pants she has, I'm not surprised: "what do you mean other pants? I have jeans." FYI kids, a good trouser, cargo, cropped patterned pants, cords, and even wide leg can serve you well; they can even be more versatile than jeans. Wear them in a business-attire-only situation and then throw on a tee and some ballet flats for class! Here are a few pairs that are cute, quality, affordable, and versatile:

Winter Layering Must-Haves

Ditch the boring thermals and sweatshirts for some easy-chic layering pieces to keep you warm all winter long! When layering, look for things that are both cozy and sleek to keep you from looking too bulky: fur, leather, and knits are key!


What I look like when I get up at 8 a.m. on a Saturday for an all-day long Styleta photoshoot. Get me some coffee!!

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St. Louis Shopping Favorites: Mary Jane's

As part 2 in my series about favorite shopping in St. Louis, I took a trip to Mary Jane's in the ultra-chic Central West End. Mary Jane's is a bit more high-end than Pitaya, offering designers like Jeffrey Campbell, Black Halo, G-Star Denim, Alex & Ani, and more. They have a great selection of dresses and coats, not to mention shoes, hats, and bags. It's definitely the place to go for girly yet sophisticated, unique pieces. 

Check out their website here for more info!
Photos by Ashley Hudson

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