Every semester at Wash U, we have a huge outdoor concert called "Walk In Lay Down" (aka W.I.L.D) and dressing for it is a science. The walk over is chilly but you're immediately warmed up by the swarms of people (not to mention that alcohol jacket you've been building up all day), your shoes will inevitably be stepped all over and covered in grass and mud, and you must keep your belongings safe as you make your way through the huge crowd.  On top of all of that, you still want to look your best. 

While this is only helping retroactively those Wash U students that read this blog, this outfit is a good guideline for similar outdoor concerts and music festivals. First, don't wear anything too valuable or difficult to clean. These gold jeans are a stand-out piece, and you can find similar ones at a lot of price ranges. Second, wear flat, comfortable shoes that can deal with a bit of wear and tear. Third, wear a jacket that you can easily tie around your waist and that isn't too heavy. Finally, a cross body bag is crucial to keeping your items secure and out of your way!


  1. great outfit combo! love the necklace especially

    Jess xo

    P.s. Check out my new outfit post: http://mindbodyshop.blogspot.com.au

  2. Love this outfit combination - it's totally the sort of thing I would wear.

    Following :)




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