Stock Up On Eco-Friendly Beauty Products!

Lately, I've been doing a lot of research on eco-friendly and all-natural beauty products in order to start buying things that are better for the planet and my body. After an extensive search, I've put together a list of products (some of which I already use and love!) that I am craving for this season to solve all my beauty needs! 

P.S. Some of these would make great holiday gifts/stocking stuffers!

I just picked up this 100% natural lip balm with pomegranate oil and love it! As a lip balm fiend, I love how it doesn't feel too oily or waxy, and keeps my lips nourished for hours!

In the dead of winter when my skin starts to crack, this shea-butter rich lotion is a life saver. The fact that L'Occitane specializes in sustainable, organic, and natural products is an added bonus to this magical formula.

Another great from L'Occitane, this 100% shea butter is the perfect travel-sized tin to carry around with you all day. It's great for lips, face, cuticles, and hands! I slather it on the dry parts of my hands (especially my knuckles) during winter for instant relief. 

Filled with natural and organic ingredients, this moisturizer resembles a BB cream in that it gives you coverage and moisturizes your skin. What you need to know: contains the miracle of argan oil, toxin-free, paraben-free, and made without harming animals!

Though I am pretty picky with my mascaras, and I have not tried this one yet in person, the natural formula (made without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs, and Triclosan) is what gets me really excited! Even better, with each purchase, Josie Maran donates to a City of Hope cancer patient/survivor.
This drugstore brand is taking eco-chic to the masses, providing a whole line of skin-care products that are gaining more and more notoriety. I really want to try this facial mask, as the all-natural formula is said to refine, purify, and moisturize the skin.
On every list of the best eco-beauty brands, Korres offers a wide range of skincare and make-up products that are among the most environmentally-friendly and skin compatible available today. I am particularly drawn to this moisturizer as it is supposed to give the skin a matte finish, as well as improve skin texture and appearance.

Since I frequently color my hair, I am always looking for products that will make my color last longer and protect it from damage. Even better, Aveda is known for its enviromentally conscious ingredients AND business practices!

This product has been shown over the last couple of years to be beneficial for everything from arthritis to heartburn and even acne. I have been meaning to try it to see how it works on my skin; most articles I read online suggested heavily diluting the apple cider vinegar with water (start with a 1/8th mixture and make it stronger over the course of a few weeks) and dabbing it on the skin. Mixed with water, lemon juice, and honey, it is supposed to be a great way to flush toxins from the system. However, using the vinegar as a liquid has been known to be a bit harsh on the skin and tooth enamel, so I would prefer to try it in tablet form to begin with and see how effective it is!


  1. i love korres, yes to and josie maran products!!
    Fancy {No}Pants

  2. Organic Products are better to use as they are eco-friendly and safe. They do not cause any side-effect.
    Eco Friendly Beauty Products


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