Ok, so I know that my definition of cozy isn't exactly the same as everyone else's. While most people layer on the sweats and fleece jackets when the temperature drops, I layer on the chunky sweaters, blazers, and beanies. This is like loungewear to me!
Photos by XL Photography

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The incredible collaboration between Topshop and Nordstrom is a match made in heaven. Mix Topshop's cool-girl styles and low prices with Nordstrom's penchant for classic pieces and unmatched customer service and voila! The collection of my dreams! After sorting through the endless amazing pieces, I've picked some of my favorites and styled them in ways that capture the funky-cool look of the Topshop girl and the classic style of the Nordstrom customer. Take note: these pieces are great for the Holiday season and would make some great gifts too (yeah Mom, I know you're reading this *hint hint*).

For class:

Topshop for Nordstrom
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For a casual weekend afternoon:
Topshop for Nordstrom 2
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For a fancy night out and a casual night in with the girls:

Topshop 3

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Keep Yourself Warm

When most people think of fur, they think of old, rich women from another time luxuriously lounging in elaborate fur pieces (read: The Dowager Countess of Grantham in Downton Abbey). But lately, designers are showing fur pieces that are more modern, younger, and lighter. Fur is a great way to not just keep yourself warm in the winter, but to inject a luxe feel into your wardrobe. When looking for fur, look for pieces that aren't too bulky and mix textures for a more flattering and fresher look. Here are some fur items that would be great additions to your winter wardrobe!

Stock Up On Eco-Friendly Beauty Products!

Lately, I've been doing a lot of research on eco-friendly and all-natural beauty products in order to start buying things that are better for the planet and my body. After an extensive search, I've put together a list of products (some of which I already use and love!) that I am craving for this season to solve all my beauty needs! 

P.S. Some of these would make great holiday gifts/stocking stuffers!

I just picked up this 100% natural lip balm with pomegranate oil and love it! As a lip balm fiend, I love how it doesn't feel too oily or waxy, and keeps my lips nourished for hours!

In the dead of winter when my skin starts to crack, this shea-butter rich lotion is a life saver. The fact that L'Occitane specializes in sustainable, organic, and natural products is an added bonus to this magical formula.

Another great from L'Occitane, this 100% shea butter is the perfect travel-sized tin to carry around with you all day. It's great for lips, face, cuticles, and hands! I slather it on the dry parts of my hands (especially my knuckles) during winter for instant relief. 

Filled with natural and organic ingredients, this moisturizer resembles a BB cream in that it gives you coverage and moisturizes your skin. What you need to know: contains the miracle of argan oil, toxin-free, paraben-free, and made without harming animals!

Though I am pretty picky with my mascaras, and I have not tried this one yet in person, the natural formula (made without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs, and Triclosan) is what gets me really excited! Even better, with each purchase, Josie Maran donates to a City of Hope cancer patient/survivor.
This drugstore brand is taking eco-chic to the masses, providing a whole line of skin-care products that are gaining more and more notoriety. I really want to try this facial mask, as the all-natural formula is said to refine, purify, and moisturize the skin.
On every list of the best eco-beauty brands, Korres offers a wide range of skincare and make-up products that are among the most environmentally-friendly and skin compatible available today. I am particularly drawn to this moisturizer as it is supposed to give the skin a matte finish, as well as improve skin texture and appearance.

Since I frequently color my hair, I am always looking for products that will make my color last longer and protect it from damage. Even better, Aveda is known for its enviromentally conscious ingredients AND business practices!

This product has been shown over the last couple of years to be beneficial for everything from arthritis to heartburn and even acne. I have been meaning to try it to see how it works on my skin; most articles I read online suggested heavily diluting the apple cider vinegar with water (start with a 1/8th mixture and make it stronger over the course of a few weeks) and dabbing it on the skin. Mixed with water, lemon juice, and honey, it is supposed to be a great way to flush toxins from the system. However, using the vinegar as a liquid has been known to be a bit harsh on the skin and tooth enamel, so I would prefer to try it in tablet form to begin with and see how effective it is!

Favorite Items: The Lust List

Always on the hunt for new designer deals, I just discovered the website The Lust List. They have collected designer items from around the internet for insane prices! Here are a couple of the pieces that I'm lusting after!

Alexander Wang shoes, £171
 Leather and Jersey Pencil Dress: £150
 Michael Kors clutch, £185

5 Easy (But Fun!) Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're like me, you put off the costume search until the last minute. I usually end up scrounging something together a few days before...but not this year! Having actually planned out my costume(s) already, I now have the time to help you. With some easy items from your closet, a few borrowed from friends, and a few you might have to buy, these are some easy Halloween costumes for the fashion-savvy girl

1. Carrie Bradshaw from SATC
This iconic fashionista is the perfect costume for the fashion-conscious. One of the pros is that you can wear almost anything adventurous and call it Carrie! Her signatures: the ab-bearing crop top, full skirts, Manolos (or statement Manolo-look-alikes), a fabulous bag (like the Fendi baguette), her "Carrie" necklace, and of course, her famous curls.
Carrie Halloween

2. Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman
We all know that girls use Halloween as an excuse to dress, ahem, a little more...provocatively. Well this year, proudly accept that fact and literally dress like a prostitute! Julia Roberts's iconic turn in Pretty Woman is full of enviable looks (due to her expensive Beverly Hills wardrobe), but her initial outfit is the most fun. A leotard (preferable with cutouts), bandage skirt, and over-the-knee boots are the building blocks of the look. The blonde wig is a must!
Pretty Woman
3. Anna Wintour
Though not everyone will get it (I did it a few years ago and everyone thought I was Lady Gaga), anyone who knows fashion will see the classic blonde bob, oversized sunglasses, and vogue-in-hand and will recognize that you are the most powerful editor-in-chief in fashion. Anna's signatures include: short necklace, kitten-heel sandals, shift dresses, trench coats or tweed jackets, and bold prints. 
Anna Wintour
4. Grace Coddington
Make your Anna Wintour costume a duo and have your friend go as Grace Coddington,   Creative Director and the second most recognizable face at Vogue. Her standard all black outfit, minimal make-up, and curly red do are all it takes to become this fashion icon.

Grace Coddington
5. Toddlers in Tiaras
As frightening as Toddlers in Tiaras (or just child beauty pageants) is, it makes for a hilarious costume. Though you can buy such costumes online and in stores, its a pretty easy one to make. Dig out that old tutu and leotard, throw on something cheesy (like a fur stole), put a tiara on your over-done, over-curled head, and wear those sparkly shoes that you wear once a year to capture the over-sexualized and creepy look of little girls in far too little clothing. Oh, and make sure you cover your face in pink make-up: what kind and where isn't important, just look like a clown.

Toddlers in Tiaras

L.A. Respite

This weekend, I took a short break from school and went home to Los Angeles. While the rest of the country breaks out our fall best, Los Angeles is still enjoying beautifully warm weather. As lovely as that was, I had to comb through all my current fall faves and find transitional pieces to mix and match. I think I came up with a pretty good packing list:
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STUDY BREAK: How I Would Dress Them

As many of you have already heard, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey will be hosting the Golden Globes together! As a huge fan of both women, I cannot be more excited. Of course, I immediately began brainstorming on their wardrobe changes during the show. Take a look and tell me what you think!


I'm posting this picture as a plea to ask you to not desert me after I suffer through this week of midterms. Look how ridiculous I look! I must be desperate! I will only be M.I.A. for a few days! I know, I'll miss you too.
Photo by Betty Liu


Every semester at Wash U, we have a huge outdoor concert called "Walk In Lay Down" (aka W.I.L.D) and dressing for it is a science. The walk over is chilly but you're immediately warmed up by the swarms of people (not to mention that alcohol jacket you've been building up all day), your shoes will inevitably be stepped all over and covered in grass and mud, and you must keep your belongings safe as you make your way through the huge crowd.  On top of all of that, you still want to look your best. 

While this is only helping retroactively those Wash U students that read this blog, this outfit is a good guideline for similar outdoor concerts and music festivals. First, don't wear anything too valuable or difficult to clean. These gold jeans are a stand-out piece, and you can find similar ones at a lot of price ranges. Second, wear flat, comfortable shoes that can deal with a bit of wear and tear. Third, wear a jacket that you can easily tie around your waist and that isn't too heavy. Finally, a cross body bag is crucial to keeping your items secure and out of your way!

With The Precision of Burberry

Burberry is known for its sophisticated styles (the trench is a well-known classic) and impeccable tailoring. I am constantly in awe of the way Christopher Bailey reinvents this brand while maintaining this signature aesthetic, so its no surprise that I try to channel the beloved English label in many of my everyday outfits. Its easy to forget how great tailoring can make a huge difference in your wardrobe, like the way this military-esque trench nips in at just the right part of the waist (and then how the peplum actually makes my figure look like an hourglass!). Not to mention how chic it looks over a sleek leather pencil skirt, which looks appropriately dressed down with the casual turtleneck and denim vest.


This fall, oxblood is THE color. But, you don't have to dress like its Halloween to wear it. These comfortable but on-trend corduroy flares give the color a little more softness and femininity, while the cozy striped cropped sweater and leather jacket make it a perfectly fall look. 


Not-Your-Average Prep

Now that you all understand how to buy and style your basics, its time to move onto another lesson: layering. Fall is all about layering: not just to keep your body warm, but to keep your outfits interesting. Nothing I'm doing here is really earth-shattering: I've layered a blazer above a sweater above a button down above a pair of pants. But, the details are what make this look: the cropped sweater allows the white button-down to peek out the bottom, giving the look an edge to an otherwise preppy ensemble. The printed pants make the red sweater pop and add another cool visual element to keep things interesting!
Photos by Betty Liu

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Tired of Being a Wallflower? Be the Coolest Kid In School With These Items

I'm super excited to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower (I'm such a big Emma Watson AND Logan Lerman fan), and I'm sure the "wallflower look" (whatever that is) will become a big thing because of this movie. But let's be real for a second: it's not always all that fun to be a wallflower. Isn't it fun to occasionally strut around campus knowing you're too cool for school? Well, I've found some awesome pieces that will make you look as cool as you are!

Fall Must-Haves
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Think plaid pants are only for Urkel? 
 Well, when you see how they look with the back of this shirt, you'll think again. BAM. You're totally saying "the back of yo shirt is ridiculous," right?

Photos by Ashley Hudson

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