What to Wear: College Edition

Now that both school and fall are in full swing, its time to start taking this year seriously. Be it group meetings, going to class, or just partying, you can no longer fall back on your standard summer wear. Take your style to the next level with these styling tips for school:

For a group meeting: look professional, but casual...

Group Meeting

To class: Be comfortable, but still put together...


To a party: find that perfect balance of sexy and classy (and don't wear anything that is irreplaceable)



  1. I really love that green blazer, but I just don't have $400 to spend on one piece of clothing! What are a few good places to look for a more affordable version?

    1. Of course, and I usually don't link to products that are that expensive (I just couldn't find another green blazer at the time). I did, however, find this one at Asos.com! I would definitely recommend checking ASOS for affordable fashion, as well as Zara (especially when they have sales!)

      Check out this green blazer at ASOS: http://rstyle.me/n/cy3rbh3e

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