Mix and Match Your Fall Essentials

As I recently explained, updating your fall essentials is...well...essential for keeping your wardrobe fresh and interesting. But after you spend all that time shopping for, cultivating, and buying new "it" items, how do you put them together without looking like a walking trend? Well, here are just a few ideas:

1. Go bold or go home. Sometimes, you can look like a walking trend without looking cheesy.  When mixing two statement pieces- like this leather peplum top AND these printed pants- select items that have a classic feel to them.
Fall Look 1
2. Layering is key. Fall is the perfect time to channel your inner Cher Horowitz and layer a button-down under a chunky sweater: but, switch it up by trying a denim shirt! Paired with these leopard jeans, the sweater will keep your outfit from assaulting your onlookers with trendy denim overload.

Fall Look 3
3. Get inspired by the colors of autumn: rich greens, burgundy, and deep tans always look great together. Breathe fresh life into these colors by injecting them with a bit of trendiness, like these brocade skinnies.  
Fall Look 2
Get the looks!

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