Some Street Style to Inspire a Smooth Transition to Fall

As I've said before, transitions can be tough. Summer-to-fall transitional outfits rest carefully in the balance of weather and trends. Example: "Is it raining today? (Probably). Is it still hot? (Of course). But don't I see all of my favorite fashionistas wearing skinny jeans and leather jackets with suede heels that seem to not get ruined by the perpetual mugginess? (Obviously). Great, so what should I wear?" These questions can all breed either the most awkward transitional outfit, or the perfect one; one that works for the weather, for the trends, and for you. Here are some guidelines (and accompanying street stylers) to help you avoid the trials and tribulations of transitional dressing:

1. Leopard and/or denim: 
Nothing says fall like an awesome leopard print or denim piece. While these are usually heavy looking, wearing them in lighter pieces (like a skinny jean or denim vest) will let you look fall appropriate while escaping the remnants of heat. 
(Photo via We Wore What?)
2. If you like it, then you should put a blazer on it: 
This is probably my styling mantra. EVERYTHING looks good with a blazer, and anything looks ready for fall with a blazer.
(Photo via Northern Style Blog)
3. Enhance your wardrobe with rich colors:
Everyone assumes that fall means black. Well, this season, oxblood is the new black. The rich, deep hue looks good in any shape or form, and can be paired with almost any other color in the spectrum. Wear it to achieve that luxurious fall look without bringing out those heavy fall pieces. 
(Photo via Style Scrapbook)
4. Don't overcomplicate it:
I sometimes have to remind myself that not every outfit has to be carefully crafted by a mathematical equation of trends and standout pieces. Sometimes, the simple formula of a cool tee + jeans + blazer+ simple heel = looking perfectly put-together AND cool. A simple outfit can be the perfect answer to a transitional dilemma.
(Photo via Karla's Closet)
5. Seriously. Printed pants. Get with it:
Though I've posted endlessly about printed pants, my enthusiasm for them hasn't died. When done right, printed pants have the ability to look trendy, cool, and different from a lot of the everyday blah we are used to, while still maintaining sophistication. The printed pants are definitely going strong this fall, and they're surprisingly easy to mix and match with summer and fall pieces! Basically, they can maintain their "fall look" with a light tank top and booties. 

(Photo via Late Afternoon)
6. Leather:
This one is so simple, I feel like adding it is almost unnecessary. Any outfit looks instantly better/more fall appropriate with an added dose of leather.
(Photo via The Stunning Look)
7. Metallics:
Metallic pieces are great because they're like blinged-up neutrals. You can pair them with anything and wear them any season, making them easy pieces for transitional dressing. A metallic blazer, knit, pants, shorts, shoes, bag- the possibilities are endless!
(Photo via Song of Style)
8. Mixing Prints:
Mixing prints is still a thing! This trend is definitely still going strong, even in subtle ways. Why is it so conducive to transitional dressing? The more layers you add, the more opportunities you have to mix prints. So, throw on a printed jacket with that printed mini skirt and voila! You have an interesting, transitional outfit!
(Photo via Atlantic-Pacific)
9. Be a lady:
Simulate a fall appropriate look with more ladylike pieces. By eliminating the cut-offs and tanks in favor of more structured tops and skirts, you'll look like you're covering up more (when you're probably not). 
(Photo via 9-to-5 Chic)
 10. Once again, channel Miranda Kerr:
Seriously, I don't think this woman has had an awkward moment (let alone transitional period) in her life. Ever. And that includes pregnancy and childbirth.
(Photo from Google)

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