How to Wear Leopard Print Without Looking Like Snooki


If you haven't noticed, I have a little obsession with leopard print. Leopard print can be tricky, though. Too much of it, and you can look like this:
 And only ridiculously cool people, like Gwen Stefani, can pull it off like this:
Leopard can be the perfect way to punch up an outfit when done right. And to do this right, here are my do's and don'ts of wearing leopard:

1. DON'T wear it head-to-toe. There is no faster way to Snookiville than piling on all your leopard pieces at once.
2. DO mix it with different patterns and textures, like this cozy knit.

3. DON'T be stingy when you want to look expensive. When done wrong, leopard can look cheap and cheesy. It's worth it to splurge on investment pieces- like this sweater dress by D&G, so you pull off those spots with class and sophistication. If you want to go for cheaper pieces, then go for accessories: this Asos clutch was only $30!
(P.S. This is my I'm-a-real-housewife-of-New-Jersey face)
 4. DO pair your leopard with sleek, classic pieces to add that extra sophistication. 
 5. Finally, DO pair your leopard with colors other than black, but keep it luxe. Though leopard and neon may be taking it too far, adding another color to your leopard ensemble really just makes everything pop even more! A great, rich burgundy will have that effect without looking like a cliche.
Photos by Betty Liu and Alex Xu

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  1. you look absolutely stunning, great post!
    kisses from Milan

  2. All so beautiful outfits! You looked great! I love the Gwen Stefani looks great! She looks great, You did it perfect and as usual Snooki looks ridiculous.

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