From Fashionista: Is LA The Next Fashion Capital?

Photo: Harpers Bazaar
Considering my posts this week regarding East Coast v. West Coast style, this article could not have come at a better time. Today, Fashionista published an article discussing the rise of LA fashion. Once the capital of Juicy sweatsuits and plastic surgery, Los Angeles has now become a beacon for cool, up-and-coming designers who enjoy the relaxed Cali style. Though anyone hoping for a future in fashion flocks to NYC, LA is currently the place to be. Think about it: with current technology, people can run their businesses from anywhere. Why wouldn't someone want to stay in LA to run their business, getting inspired by the sun and surf, and dressing all of the local celebs? Anyways, check out the Fashionista article- I think you'll agree that LA has some serious fashion chops:

"The past few years has seen the rise of an unlikely new fashion capital in Los Angeles. Labels like Rodarte and Band of Outsiders bucked the trend of going New York-centric a few years ago, their studios (and their aesthetics) remaining firmly grounded in Cali culture. More recently, Hedi Slimane made the move to remain to Los Angeles (where he’d been working as a photographer), despite the fact that his new gig is at a newly rebranded (at his impetus) Saint LaurentParis. Even John Galliano has been spotted in Cali and is rumored to be considering a move out west. And that got us thinking…Could Los Angeles be the next big fashion capital to emerge in the global scene?

After speaking with industry bigwigs and experts, one thing has become increasingly clear: The City of Angels is definitely having a moment in fashion right now..."
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  1. Hey! Love this article especially because I am starting my own line and I'm born and raised in LA!! It IS the next fashion capital! Haha :)

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