Cleaning Binge

Yesterday, after flying home to LA from New York and unpacking my two huge suitcases, I decided it was a good time to do some pre-fall cleaning. I try to clean out my closet pretty often- maybe twice a year- which is so important for maintaing a wardrobe that is relevant to current style and my own evolving style. This way, you are constantly giving yourself room for what could be! Here are my rules for revamping your wardrobe:

1. If you haven't worn a garment in the last year, you are probably NOT going to wear it again. 
Just get rid of it. Here is what I got rid of:

2. Use this as an excuse to organize your closet: by style, by color, etc. Whatever makes it easiest for you to find an item, do it!

 3. If you have new items that can replace old ones, such as a new pair of navy heels, then get rid of the old ones. You're not going to wear them!
 4. Don't overlook revamping the basics. This includes underwear, purses, beauty products, and make-up of course. Here, I took everything out of my make-up case and threw away any products that were cheap, dirty, overused, or just not my style. I cannot tell you how many sparkly lipglosses and perfumes from Bath and Body Works I got rid of...
 My make-up, post clean-up:
 Make sure to clean your brushes often - maybe once a month- to keep them in good condition!


  1. great tips! i'm in the process of cleaning my closet too!

  2. Good post. It's so hard to let things go but so necessary! xA


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