Organize Your Closet, Organize Your Life

I recently discovered THE MOST AMAZING iPhone app. Ever. Period. Though it isn't particularly new, the Stylish Girl app has helped me get my wardrobe, my stylish thoughts, and my life organized.

How does it work? Well, its time consuming at the beginning. First, click on the "Add Item" button and photograph every item of clothing, every shoe, every purse, every piece of jewelry that you own. This is how you build up "My Closet." I never said this was easy, kids.
You can categorize each item you add by type, season, and occasion (top, summer, daytime). Then, you can even label it with descriptors. That way, if you want to wear a red top with your blue striped shorts, you can just search red in the top section and all your red tops will come up.
I suggest doing this on a long weekend or slow weekday when you aren't busy; take your time, you don't have to finish this all in one day. You can see in your closet, each line represents a different type of item. The first, tops and dresses. The second, bottoms. Shoes and third, and accessories and bags are last. To scroll through the items, just swipe to the left or right. When your closet is all stocked up, then comes the fun part: MAKING OUTFITS WOOO!
The app makes it really easy. You just click on "outfits," then the plus sign in the upper right hand corner. Then, you can drag and drop items to make an outfit spread. Once you are done, you can save and label your outfit for future use. 
As you can see, you can click on the outfit button and it will take you to the page with all of your saved outfits. 
When you wear the outfit, you can even add it to your calendar so you know when you wore certain items (which prevents you from being a repeat offender). At the bottom of the spread, it says "Worn 3 days ago" and then lists the date. 

Another great feature of this app is the suitcase. As someone who loves clothes as much as I do, I have a biiitt of a problem overpacking when going on a trip. I'll fill the biggest suitcase I have...for a weekend. So,where does this app come in? Take a look
By clicking on the suitcase button, the app takes you to a blank page (like the one on which you create outfits) and you can select items AND select already-saved outfits. If you are going away for 2 days and need 2 daytime and 2 nighttime outfits, then you can select the four outfits you want and add them to the suitcase.  You can view all of your items at once so you know exactly what you're packing. That way, you know what to pack and what to wear with what.

 Street Style Inspo:                                                  

Inspired Outfit:   

What the app is best for, though, is creating outfits on the fly. Riding the subway, doing nothing, and happen to spot a girl wearing a cool look? Instead of trying to remember that little bit of inspiration all day (and instead of trying to sneak a creepy photo of her), just go into your closet and make an outfit inspired by hers and save it for later. 

Get organized. You won't regret it.

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  1. WOW this sounds like a great app once you put the time and effort into it... I'm up for the challenge!!! Love it. Thanks for sharing!


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