How to Not Wear Sweats During a Breakup

When you have just broken up with someone (or someone has just broken up with you), you lose your motivation to dress up. You want to sit around the house, eat ice-cream, and wallow in your sweatsuit. However, these 3 effortless looks will get you through the breakup with your sartorial dignity intact. Just throw them on, look cute, and move on.

1. Retail Therapy
Sometimes, the best way to get through a breakup is to distract yourself with shopping. A great pair of printed jeans are an easy statement piece that scream "style" even when you throw on a basic tee and nude sandals. A cool carryall is an effortless way to finish the look. 

2. Rebound Therapy
Ok, so fresh off of a painful breakup, you may not be able to hit the singles scene quite yet. But, when enjoying a couple drinks while out with the girls, you don't want to look like a slob, either. A casual t-shirt dress is comfy and fuss-free, while a basic pair of black sandals and a nice black bag keep you looking ready for action. 

3. Rental Therapy
Sometimes a night in with your girlfriends and some chick-flicks in the best way to get through a break-up. While PJs would definitely suffice for the occasion, a soft printed romper and a pair of beat-up booties would do the trick.

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  1. In case I'll change girl and girlfriends to boys. Lol I keep this in head


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