Intern Diaries: Part 1

        It is no secret that working as a fashion intern in NYC can be rough- imagine The Devil Wears Prada, but unpaid. Working at Marie Claire Magazine is no exception. Don't get me wrong, the internship is an incredible opportunity that I am so thankful for, but it is no stroll through Central Park. It is more of a  sprint...all over the heels...carrying heavy garment bags full of merchandise you could only dream of affording. 

My first week was all about learning. There are about 30 of us, and we all work in the fashion closet, overseeing the flow of merchandise in and out of the magazine to be used for photoshoots. Some of the more experienced interns have had the honor of being assigned to a specific editor, (meaning they get the  privilege of doing work in the closet like everyone else AND doing work for a specific editor) and they assist the editor in making sure that he or she receives every piece ordered. The majority of what we do includes going to get merchandise from designers, checking it into the closet, packing up for photoshoots, unpacking photoshoots, and returning merchandise back to designers. What makes it difficult is that we are constantly on our feet, running around with garment bags, making photo copies, and dreaming of the day that we get chosen to go on a photoshoot. 

My tips for interns pursuing fashion journalism:

1. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing that still look cute and fashionable 
2. Drink a lot of water
3. Always have ibuprofen with you
4. Take it as an opportunity to learn the city
5. Always say YES and volunteer for everything

The two coolest things that have happened to me so far:

1. Joanna Coles complimented my accessories!

2. I met Prabal Gurung

Unforunately, I cannot go into detail without exposing the content of our upcoming issues, but stay tuned for more! 


  1. Oh gosh! you are having a fabulous job, congrats!
    And yes, sometimes (always) being an intern is a hard job.
    Lucky me that I'm not going to be an intern anymore!!!

    I hope you are having a cute week,
    see you :)

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