Wear the Bralette Look 2 Ways

Every season, there seems to be some sort of "underwear is outerwear" trend; in the past, we've seen loungewear, lingerie style tops and shorts, and the no-pants look. Most of these looks, when I come to think about it, have come to us via Dolce & Gabbana

Its difficult to maintain the balance between fashionable and appropriate, and so wearing your bra as a top may not always be the easiest task. So, to avoid the slutty route, its good to go the sporty route (O, I'm just wearing a sport's bra, as if I'm going to work out) and the ladylike route (It's ok that I'm wearing a bra as a top, because don't I just look so lovely?)

1. The Sporty Look

2. The Ladylike Look


  1. Both looks are really great! And i love especially the ladylike look...the necklace, the blazer, the skirt and the bag are awesome! Want it:D

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

  2. Great stuffs!

    Théa Unknown


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