Haute Vs. Not Haute: SAG Awards

So far, this award season has been mostly a snoozefest. While there have been some undoubtedly pretty dresses, it seems that the celebrity world has broken down red-carpet dressing into simple formulas. However, some stars have shined, MOST have faded, and some have exploded into an astronomical mess. Check out which stars I think are haute, warm, and not haute.  

Haute: It goes without saying that these stars stole the show!

Diana Agron:

Though Diana Agron's Carolina Herrera isn't necessarily a revelation, it is just nice to see her in something young and fun. She is so beautiful, she doesn't need much to emphasize her features.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard manages to look sexy without looking slutty in this simple, but cool, Zac Posen.

Viola Davis:

Viola Davis loves her goddess gowns. This one from Marchesa, however, really is perfect on her. It is understated but glamorous, just like her.

Heather Morris:

Heather looks incredible in this dress. The structure of it, along with the sheer and leather accents, vamp it up so it isn't the basic black dress. Also, those crazy silver heels keep it fresh.

Natalie Portman:

Though this Giambattista Valli Couture dress isn't a huge shock for the star, you gotta give her credit for looking this good post-baby!

Jayma Mays:
This dress is as beautiful from the back as it is from the front. I love how it gives this good-girl a little edge!

Kaley Cuoco:
A real princess moment for the star, it is definitely nice to see a different silhouette. Also, this seafoam green color is huge for Spring's pastel trend. I like that she kept the accessories bare and did something cool and different with her hair.

Michele Williams:
I love how this Valentino dress straddles the line between simple/classic and cool. It is simple enough to emphasize Michele's best features, but cool enough to not be boring.

Naya Rivera:
The Glee star mixes old Hollywood glam with modern sex appeal, achieving a look that is simple yet a standout with this Naeem Khan dress.

Sofia Vergara
Though it is probably harder to make this beauty look bad than it is to make her look good, this fuschia Marchesa does everything it needs to. It emphasizes her natural beauty, incredible figure, and isn't boring.

Emily Blunt:
I love the shape and color of this dress. It is another dress that is simple, but really great for the wearer and the occassion.

Rose Byrne:

Call me crazy, but this was my favorite of the night. I love that she did something completely different by wearing an Elie Saab jumpsuit! She did it in the perfect way: it fits and it is formal enough because of the style and texture. I don't know if I love the haircut, but Rose is so beautiful she can pull it off.

Warm: Not a hit, not a miss. Just eh. (By far, the category with the most nominations)

Meryl Streep:
Meryl Streep wears pretty much the same dress to everything. Though she looks alright, there is entirely too much fabric. Also, I would love to see her change it up.

Angelina Jolie:

Sure, she looks beautiful as always. But enough with black draped dresses! 

Julie Bowen:

Though the color is great, the silhouette emphasizes her tiny frame in a way that is just not flattering. Julie, you are too cool, funny, and pretty to start having madonna arms.

Berenice Bejo:
Another pretty dress, another unflattering silhouette. Another boring moment.

Emma Stone:
I love that Emma Stone wore Alexander McQueen, and the tea-length is definitely a cool way to change it up. However, the awkward seam at the hips is just throwing me off too much to classify this as a hit. So close, Emma!

Amber Riley:
The dress is cute, but the proportions seem off. The big bow and awkward length aren't flattering on Amber's curvy body, and I'm not sure how I feel about her hair.

Jessica Chastain:

Even though she looks beautiful, I expect more from the emerging red-carpet star. If she is going to go minimalist, she should go all the way so that it really makes a statement. If not, then add some cooler, edgier accessories!

Kristen Wiig:
I can't tell if I love or hate the choker. Props for throwing in something cool, but if she is going to go for a statement piece to add interest to her white Balenciaga dress, I would've loved to see her push it even further. 

Lea Michele:
Lea Michele is all about the drama, but that slit on her Versace dress is a wardrobe-malfunction in the making. Enough said.

Tina Fey:
I love that Tina chose Versace, and this dress is nice and looks good on her. However, it is a bit dull. She could have punched it up with some bright accessories and shoes.

Octavia Spencer:
Though this Tadashi dress is flattering on Octavia's curvier silhouette, she is a best-supporting actress nominee for goodness sake! I want to see her in a show-stopper!

Sarah Hyland:
Pretty dress, another not great silhouette. Kind of boring.

Not Haute: What were they thinking?

Shailene Woodley:

Shailene Woodley's L'Wren Scott number is an attempt to be cool and youthful, but looks like a shiny tablecloth from the 90s. 

Busy Phillips:

Though this dress is such a fun maxi, and I would like to give Busy credit for taking a big risk, its entirely too casual for the event.

 Ellie Kemper:
Another unflattering sack dress! That neckline isn't doing anything for her either. 

 Zoe Saldana:
I love both Zoe Saldana and Givenchy Haute Couture; however, this dress does nothing for Zoe's small frame. It is mostly frustrating because it is probably very beautiful and detailed, but doesn't photograph well at all. Instead, all the features blur together in a shiny mess. Out of all the Givenchy Couture gowns, why this?? 


  1. Rose Byrne in Elie Saab was also my favorite! Check out my post on the SAG fashion : http://dangstyle.blogspot.com/2012/01/white-hot-at-sag-awards.html

  2. Berenice Bejo's gown is my favorite. :) If you have a chance, please visit/follow my fashion blog. It will mean the world to me if you did. Thanks so much in advance. Have a great day:)

  3. Amazing!



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