Has Street Style Become Too Self Aware?

Via The Cut, I discovered a small tidbit from GQ's Will Welch about how the transformation of street style resembles that of reality television. According to Welch, what was once supposed to express snippets of everyday life- be it the way a regular person styles their skinnies or what they wear when they run to the grocery store- street style has become just another overly-hyped and trendy means of attaining one's 15 minutes of fame. Claiming street style has suffered from "its own popularity," Welch and The Cut purport that fashion is now onto the next big thing. 

Image via Refinery29

As a blogger, I look to street style for inspiration on how to dress fashionably and yet realistically. Since street style is supposed to be about us, the stylishly inclined bloggers and average citizens, I would love to here from you. What is your take on the evolution of street style?


  1. love that shot... take on street style? I feel like everyone is the star of their own runway these days, no? which isn't necessarily a bad thing... makes for a lovely landscape!

  2. So perfect. jádore those shoes.


  3. I think that it is true that alot of people like the idea of having their photograph taken because they take pride in their own trendiness... but I think for the most part fashion is how you express your own personality through your clothes so even if you are trying to look stylish or it just happens naturally, street style photos are still a great way to capture different peoples perspective on fashion!

  4. I don't think it's much of a problem if people's style improves hoping that they'll get noticed. As long as they stay true to what they love it's okay. Most really successful streetstyle blogs take a lot of fashion week photos and ones of editors and models off duty. It's not really dressing up if that's your job... Thank you for your comment... and I've been following you since I started!! :)

  5. adorable. there are no rules in street style. this photo rocks <3

  6. Interesting post!!! Its so true.. some blogers really bother me on how they wear inpractical things just to look cool on their blog because in reality... most girls would never wear that stuff. i think street style should be a way of self expression and showing your inner personality as an art. I think street style is improving in the sence that girls are getting more comfortable wearing what they like as opposed to what is "Trendy" but... here and there you have your fails.


  7. like that jumpsuit;) I agree with jamie, no rules in our daily style, everybody is cool following personal taste...

  8. super nice post!!
    i think street style is quite more pratical and TRUE!! some blogger put on things that people will never wear! and just to be cool!
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  9. Interesting post.... that's good that fashion was democratised but now it's over hyped yeah


  10. I think the open street style is great,lots of people have now the power and courage to dress how they like. It's great when you wear what you love.


  11. Agree with you say! No rules in the street style, that is amazing! Thanks for your comment! I love your blog so you have another follower!

  12. adorable! i love the street style.
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    have a nice day, lovely greets,
    maren anita


  13. youhouuuu .... what an amazing outfit ! I love it all !!!!!!
    And I think street style is always a new inspiration ...


  14. love your blog & style.
    hope to see more of your LA-fashion:)

    i'm following you xx


  15. Hi MJ! thanks a lot for visit my blog, and your lovely comment. You win a new follwer, i like very much blog and your post. special the post that you were a leather jacket it´was so nicole richie! ahah
    kisses from argentina. ciaoo !!

  16. Certainly in London there are people who dress to get featured on a street style blog, but in some way maybe that helps people push a little further out of their comfort zones?

  17. i think that street style is a way for people to show and express themselves even if they get their 15 mins of fame because of their style i don't think that's a bad thing as bloggers street style is definitely essential to us and a great way to see others amazing and personal styles!


  18. like you i also look at street style for inspiration.
    I dont see it as a big deal there's so many people who have such immense style.

  19. i totally love her shoes.
    i'm following your lovely blog now.
    please everybody check out my beauty blog.it would mean so much to me. :)

  20. ya fashionable and realistically is what I look for too, hence I love looking at style blogs more than magazines sometimes :)

  21. I love streetstyle, I think the problem is that streetstyle photographer generally take pictures at fashion events, and not really in the streets.
    I think if they take more pictures of normal people who doesn't work in fashion, it will be more meaningful.
    Love, from France.

  22. the only thing that bothers me about street style blogs is that some of them are not very realistic, but i love them - it's nice to see fashion put together in a wearable way

  23. What an interesting post! I think most people don't leave the house hoping that their outfit will land them on a street style blog; however, I do think that bloggers are becoming too self aware, and try to get followers for the sake of followers. Not because people actually like their blogs. I hate the whole follow me and I'll follow you game.

    Again, thanks so much for sharing this post!



  24. Maybe people are too self-aware, but in all honestly, that's totally fine since the outcome makes for fantastic people watching. If that's what people need in order to be motivated to look their best, than so be it!




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