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If you happen to come across this page and like what you see, follow me! I just started the blog and would love some more followers as a way to come across other great fashion blogs!

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  1. Just some stylistic suggestions for your site:
    Maybe choose a layout that features the photos a little more. This current theme seems a little too 'default' and I think you could benefit from something a little more personalized.
    Also consider investing in either a higher quality camera or even just doing a little bit of photo editing to make the clothes and the colors stand out a little more, make them seem a little more professional. And pay more attention to the background, lighting, and framing of your photos. For example, in the ones of you at the mall, your pants are difficult to see with a similarly dark background (I think it could have looked a lot better if you had simply posed in front of the plain wall, going with minimalism)

    But I like your style! Keep at it :)


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